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Feb. 8th

Our first full night was one of the best I have had after whelping. I moved to my bedroom across the hall and left Banner in his crate and Promise in the front room with Angela. Poppy had gone home with Auntie Laurie. The sound of a ticked off puppy woke me up 2 times, all was well, and Cayenne got me up once to go out for a potty break. All and all I was asleep by 9am and got up at 6:30 (with the 3 breaks above at 10pm, 2:30am and 4am.) Pictures from today below.


Feb. 9th

As the pups, they are doing great, I started early their early neurological stimulation program today, and on Wed they have an appointment to have dew claws removed.

Feb. 10th
Puppies continued (ENS) Early Neurological Stimulation this morning.

Feb. 10th afternoon
Puppies had dew claws removed this afternoon, all went well, they are a bit fussy but not bad. Pups seem to be in good condition and gaining weight well. I hope to have more pictures in a day or 2.

Feb. 11 - morning
Pups did very well over night, Cayenne only got me up once, to go out for a potty break.
Pups are doing great this morning, no more fussing, all have gained good weight in last 24 hours, given the fact they had the stress of dew claw removal - I'm very pleased with their gains.
I'm changing their ENS to an afternoon session today. It does not take long but I figure they had enough in the last 24 hours! Angela Silvestri took pictures of ENS before she left tuesday morning and I hope to have those pictures edited and uploaded tonight.

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