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Easy pups and my kitten Figment

Feb 18

More "cat" pictures LOL
What can I say, this is my first litter since the cats have joined me. They are turning out to be very entertaining, curious and as a group, cats have been tolerant to the fuss and momma dog has been tolerant of respectful kitties! Crimson is "naked" in the pictures today.

Also pups continue ENS for a few more days (until day 16) All pups had doubled their birth weight by Tuesday and Wed this week. (9 and 10 days old)

Cayenne seems most tolerant of Teagan and Figment - Figment pictured above and Teagan below. Izzy the cat not YET in any of the pictures is a bit more nervous about the babies, and as a result, Cayenne is a bit less tolerant!


Feb 20/21
Easy pups are doing well, eyes are opening here area few pictures from the weekend of 20/21

the pups now have their "big dog" (break away cat collars on).

Ebony was the weekend Photo hog! the thinning of Cayenne's hair on her muzzle has to do with all the PUPPY clean up she is doing, and she is doing a SUPER job! I see no signs of puppy poop and the box is ALWAYS very clean!

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