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The pups eyes are open! they seem to see things but not that well.
The BIG news for today is they can now HEAR!

We are doing well, Cayenne is holding her weight well, now eating about 5-6 cups of dog food a day. She has had her 2nd worming since the pups were born (3 days of Panacur) to help prevent or at least limit her from passing any round worms that would pass in her milk if she had any in her mammary tissue that is triggered by hormones. I think this practice is likely what saved my Parvo puppies two and a half years ago. They had NO parasite load when hit with Parvo is likely why they survived as they were SO YOUNG (5.5 weeks). (Cayenne was also wormed 2 weeks prior to her whelping) This will continue every 2 weeks until her pups are done nursing and she is done cleaning up after them and she has a neg parasite check! the pups will start their first a cycle of Albon on Sunday for at least 5 days, I have coccidea on my property it will continue for 5-6 days with about 10 days off then again until they go home, the pups have not been outside yet, but, their MOMMA has! The pups will have their first worming for round worms at 6 weeks and again at 8 weeks. The pups are listening to loud Talk Radio during the day and I will start sound socialization CDs and Agility sounds this week also - my CD player does not loop so I will likely set up one cycle of each CD a day per day other wise have them listen to Radio. they will also listen to Il Divo, loud like I like it!  When I clean their whelping area they are put on the floor of the 2nd bedroom to explore check out the different surfaces etc.

Here are a few pictures from the night of the 24th


Things change SO FAST now!
The puppies have been off any extra heat in their whelping area since mid week.
The pups are now in their "tween" puppy pen, a few days over due, but that is fine. Bold escapes by Crimson and Ebony Sat AM confirmed we needed to upgrade! Some of the "new" features to their environment. A mirror, and some interactive human baby toys. They also have a potty box that they have no clue what to do with yet but they will in time. Even now they move off their "bed" most of the time when nature calls. Cayenne has been SO on the ball as a clean up crew the pups have been a joy to keep up with to date. This pen will be their inside pen for a long time to come. They will also spend time in the kitchen etc, most my pups have spent some nights or afternoon in the kitchen. I start moving them around even at this age as long as Cayenne is good with it! Got to keep the momma happy. They they will also graduate to a much larger pen in the garage about 5' by 12' for time to have more room to play and cause general trouble at night while I'm sleeping. They will also end up with access to the puppy palace depending on weather and of course the yard. Puppies have had 2 new visitors (I should really start a chart to see how many people they really do meet! I have always meant to have a guest book! for the puppies) My mom met them on Friday, and Leslie the wonderful gal who does some cleaning for me met them today.
Puppies have been listening to Agility sounds since Friday night, each time I replay the tape I up the volume another notch. I also have another sound socializing CD that I will start on Sunday. Plans for Sunday also include Mike and Christine coming down for a visit and I think their first car ride. I will have to see how well I get UP and moving in the morning! Some of the earliest starts of clicker training has also started. When Cayenne jumps into the pen I click! After weights Sunday AM I will decide if I'm going to start feeding them or let Cayenne handle the duties a bit longer. Also, Cayenne jumps in and out of the puppy pen via the grooming table.

Not fancy but here are some pictures with Cayenne in their new digs Sat night.

Butter - new kitty, checking out the pups in their new puppy pen.

Puppy visit from Sunday 2-28
Thanks Mike, Christine and Heather!

Table for what the pups have been up to
Keeping track of the Rule of Sevens
by the time the pups are 7 weeks old Been on 7 different surfaces played with 7 different objects Been in 7 different locations been exposed to 7 different challenges eaten from 7 different containers eaten in 7 different locations met and played with 7
different people
new items for this page newspaper
vinyl floor
  *2nd bedroom
*New puppy pen in bedroom
*Started Sound socialization CDs
*continued exposure to the cats as well as Banner and Promise have met the pups
items so far                


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