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January 19, 2009
For my last several litters I have kept a diary of events from getting ready for the breeding, pregnancy, whelping as well as raising puppies. I'm a bit late on this diary!

Brief History to get up to date.
Cayenne came into season about a week before Thanksgiving! 2 shipments of EXCELLENT quality semen arrived in good order, although we had a bit of drama at the Stud dog end! BIG kudos for Lynne and Carolyn for going above and beyond to secure a vet for the 2nd breeding at the 11 hour!
Cayenne had 2 transervical inseminations that went smooth as silk.

January 2 we were able to confirm that BABIES were coming on ultrasound! 8 pups were counted on ultrasound and we hope to meet them SOON - below a picture of the ultrasound from Jan 2nd. The 2 black blobs are sacks the gray squiggles fetus puppies!

Cayenne's pregnancy continues to go well, below are pictures with Cayenne running with her friends January 16th

Cayenne furthest right in the frame

Cayenne with the ball in her mouth facing the Shepherd

Cayenne far right

Cayenne almost to the ball!

ALMOST got the ball!

Cayenne has spent the first 2/3 of her pregnancy with her primary owner Laurie.
She will come and start living with me, January 22nd!


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