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a big day ahead!
This morning pups listend as I dremled nails on the big dogs, and am on my 2nd load of laundry (my laundry is about 4' from their puppy pen. Of course they don't seem to care about any of it. In about an hour we leave for their first road trip (car ride) and off campus "visit". More later I have work to do! The pups really like FOOD lol they are now eating 2-3 meals a day. Plus Cayenne is also still nursing.
Late this afternoon, the pups will have more visitors.

Here are pictures of their first car ride as well as first outside visit, as well as first visit away from home.

CJ comes for a visit, pups playing in front yard.


Table for what the pups have been up to
Keeping track of the Rule of Sevens
March 6
  Been on 7 different surfaces played with 7 different objects Been in 7 different locations been exposed to 7 different challenges eaten from 7 different containers eaten in 7 different locations met and played with 7 Other?
new items for this page *grass
*metal crate
toys that are soft, move, make noise, make sound *vist at Sandra's
*played in front yard

*came out of puppy pen in garage on their own
were *called out of front yard back into garage
*first ride in car in metal crate.

*Listened as I dremeled nails on the big dogs.
items so far newspaper
vinyl floor
New toys including a tunnel in new pen *2nd bedroom
*Garage puppy pen
*Crate in the car!
  *flat puppy pan
* flying saucer puppy pan
*first meal Mom

*New puppy pen in bedroom
*Started Sound socialization CDs
*continued exposure to the cats as well as Banner and Promise have met the pups
*moved to 6x12' garage puppy pen
*Listen to my Laundry that sits 4' from the puppy pen


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