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Tamara, Laurie and CJ were over dinner and puppy play.
After dinner we played with puppies in the kitchen.
Pictures turned out dark sorry about the quality.

Before "dinner" was served the puppies listened to my VERY loud food processor grind up dry kibbles into almost a powder. Then they heard the tea kettle whistle! hot water for the kibbles!
Sound of "dinner" time the kitties also showed up!
Also Royal has his ears up!

The following is a VERY cute picture of Azure -
he was crawling up and up and up on Laurie.... he put himself where he is in the picture. Laurie made sure he didn't fall. But is he a puppy or a parrot? "Serious" perching genes in this puppy!

Close up below

No visitors today, but a busy day none the less. Puppies were called out of the kennel run in the garage and came as I called them (with Cayenne's help) into the puppy palace in the back yard. This area has rubber black stall type matting and cement patio block. Pups spent the afternoon outside exploring seeing all the new toys as well as watching my chickens! It supposed to rain today, but it is 3pm it has held off so far!
I'm very pleased with the puppies. I do not see anything, or any trends that concern me. I think I'm starting to see some personalities, but only time will tell!
I am remembering some of the best things that I have learned from mentors. From Pat Hastings, never do something for a puppy that it can do for itself! Thus I always call my puppies as long as where they are going is "safe" it has taken time for ME to recover from the Parvo litter, I got into a habit of carrying pups. I can tell even with this litter "I" have scars from that experience. But I'm excited, I wish the weather next week sounded better? but I always have the puppy palace and if needed to will find other places to take them that they can be loose and explore.
Sound socialization CDs continue now at a volume that I only play them a few times a day LOL they are loud and I do not want to bother neighbors! The rest of the time they have ever changing radio stations.

the puppies had a great afternoon in the puppy palace, it still has not rained! but I know that will not last. They finished up the day by coming in from the puppy palace, through the garage up the stairs most made it up some stairs (3 steps) I was there to help, into the house, through the kitchen and dining area, into the 2nd bedroom THEN were weighed LOL and wormed.
Puppies they had a "dinner" in their old indoor puppy pen. Cayenne is currently doing clean up! and they are gabbing dessert on the "paw" from the traveling milk bar. Cayenne and puppies are now taking a well deserved nap!

Table for what the pups have been up to
Keeping track of the Rule of Sevens
March 6 continued and March 7
  Been on 7 different surfaces played with 7 different objects Been in 7 different locations been exposed to 7 different challenges eaten from 7 different containers eaten in 7 different locations met and played with 7 Other?
new items for this page *grass
*metal crate
*cement patio block
*Black rubber matting (like horse stall mats)
toys that are soft and hard plastic, move, make noise, make sound *visit at Sandra's
*played in front yard
*back yard and puppy palace

*came out of puppy pen in garage on their own
*called out of front yard back into garage
*first ride in car in metal crate.
*called from the garage into the back yard - had never been in the back yard before
*followed Cayenne and I in from the puppy palace, through the garage up the stairs most made it up some stairs (3 steps) I was there to help, into the house, through the kitchen and dining area, into the 2nd bedroom


*fed in Kitchen
*fed in old puppy pen in 2nd bedroom


*Listened as I dremeled nails on the big dogs.
*listened to very loud food processor while they were in the kitchen.
*listened to whistling tea kettle
* have watched my chickens
items so far newspaper
vinyl floor
New toys including a tunnel in new pen *2nd bedroom
*Garage puppy pen
*Crate in the car!
  *flat puppy pan
* flying saucer puppy pan
*first meal Mom

*New puppy pen in bedroom
*Started Sound socialization CDs
*continued exposure to the cats as well as Banner and Promise have met the pups
*moved to 6x12' garage puppy pen
*Listen to my Laundry that sits 4' from the puppy pen

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