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The puppies went on their 2nd car ride, about 90 min round trip the pups did great! They have also been able to spend time out in the puppy palace and seem to enjoy it!

The puppies are now all making it out of the kennel and up into the kitchen to eat breakfast. They are also getting MORE demanding! they are a pretty resilient group (grin) not much seems to discourage them when they have their mind set to something! I find this to be both GOOD and BAD news!!!


The puppies needs continue to increase! so my time to keep things like the diary up is often limited to the weekends.
Today Laurie came and picked up the puppies and took them to her work place (PGE)
enjoy the pictures of their visit!

Here is what Laurie had to say about the pups visit to PGE
"""The puppies did great today.  When I take puppies to work I usually get mobbed and puppies get plucked out of the basket before I stop.   Before long I am counting puppies and making sure I have all of them.  Today someone took a Royal but did not come back with him.  He got to see more of the building.  I am lucky that I have lots of co workers that love animals  and I get to bring the puppies in.  Our General manager of our region even go in on the puppy action today.  The pictures are not the greatest but I took as many as I could.    Many of the puppies fell asleep in people arms.  They had a good time.  They did get a good amount of snuggles and kisses today """""

Table for what the pups have been up to
Keeping track of the Rule of Sevens
March 6 continued and March 7
  Been on 7 different surfaces played with 7 different objects Been in 7 different locations been exposed to 7 different challenges eaten from 7 different containers eaten in 7 different locations met and played with 7 Other?
new items for this page cart at PGE   Laurie's SUV

All pups can now make it up the 3 steps from the garage into the kitchen


dozens of PGE employees!

2nd Car ride
3rd Car ride, first in vari kennels and in Laurie's SUV.
items so far newspaper
vinyl floor
*metal crate
*cement patio block
*Black rubber matting (like horse stall mats

New toys including a tunnel in new pen toys that are soft and hard plastic, move, make noise, make sound

*2nd bedroom
*Garage puppy pen
*Crate in the car!
*visit at Sandra's
*played in front yard
*back yard and puppy palace
*came out of puppy pen in garage on their own
*called out of front yard back into garage
*first ride in car in metal crate.
*called from the garage into the back yard - had never been in the back yard before
*followed Cayenne and I in from the puppy palace, through the garage up the stairs most made it up some stairs (3 steps) I was there to help, into the house, through the kitchen and dining area, into the 2nd bedroom
*flat puppy pan
* flying saucer puppy pan
*first meal
*fed in Kitchen
*fed in old puppy pen in 2nd bedroom


*New puppy pen in bedroom
*Started Sound socialization CDs
*continued exposure to the cats as well as Banner and Promise have met the pups
*moved to 6x12' garage puppy pen
*Listen to my Laundry that sits 4' from the puppy pen
*Listened as I dremeled nails on the big dogs.
*listened to very loud food processor while they were in the kitchen.
*listened to whistling tea kettle
* have watched my chickens

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