CERF BM-423/2000-26
OFA Good BM 1190G25M-PI, OFA Elbows Normal BM-EL351M-PI, OFA Patella, BM-PS29/25/M/P-PI
GDC Hips - Excellent GDC20198H13EN
GDC Elbows - Normal GDC20198E13N
GDC Shoulders - Normal GDC20198SH13N
GDC Tarus (Hocks) - Normal GDC2019813N

Hunter has sired a litter successfully using Frozen semen.

I'm thrilled that Hunter's first litter (click here) was born Nov 2nd 2005. Hunter is typical of the rest of the Diamond litter with his natural desire to want to work with his person, easy to motivate and engage playing tug or fetch. Also like his siblings Hunter plays hard and works fast, and can be very determined when in drive. While social with friends and friendly strangers, Hunter is territorial and protective of his home. He is not a large dog, slightly under 24" with excellent structure and movement, complete dentition and a scissors bite.

All from the Bred by class.
9 months of age 5 point major
10 months of age another 5 point major and Best of Breed at just his 2nd show.
1 yr of age 3 point major
June 2001 at 15 months of age 1 single point and Best of Breed.
More June 2001 Hunter was Best puppy in Sweeps at the 2001 ABMC National Specialty June 8th, the following day Hunter picked up his 3rd 5pt Major to finish his Championship at 15 months. He was shown just a total of 7 times from the classes
Hunter his first weekend as a special in late June 2001 earning 2 best of Breed wins.

Update May 2002
I'm thrilled to announce that Hunter is now proudly owned by Ann Clandening, Rancho Mirage, CA.
Ann is a dream owner for any dog, and I'm so excited for Hunter. Hunter will be part of the future of Carousel Malinois as we have collected frozen semen for future use.

White boy at 4 weeks old

Hunter on 8-21-00 just over 5 months old

Hunter at just shy of 9 months old in his ring debut
for a 5 point major from the bred by class

Hunter just a few days before his first birthday

Hunter in Colorado June 2001 at 15 months of age

Hunter Best puppy in Sweepstakes at the 2001 ABMC National

Hunter the day after the National finished his Championship w/ a 3rd 5 point Major -- all from the Bred by Class!

Hunter 3 weeks after finishing his Championship and his first weekend shown as a special back to back Best of Breed

Below are pictures of Hunter swiming in his pool Summer 2003

The boys

The girls

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