CERF BM-422/2002-23
OFA Hips Excellent BM1183E24F-PI, OFA Elbows "Normal" BM-EL347F24-PI

3-13-00 - 8-10-05

"Rave" was proudly owned and loved by Catherine Shields - Carousel Malinois

There is no way to describe my grief - except that I'm lost with out my Rave. After fighting so hard to save her for 4 days, Rave was let go on August 10th, 2005 as there was no possible hope of a recovery and her condition continued to worsen. We are left wondering why? and what? Testing has now ruled out infection, and cancer. We are left to wonder if it was an unknown toxin.

My biggest feeling of loss is that of my friend and "heart" dog. While I love all my dogs, Rave and I had a special connection, and her absence in my life has left a profound feeling of emptiness. Late in 2004 Rave and I had started our journey in obed, her training was going so well, we were having so much fun, I will miss these times and the bright look in her eye about "hey great! what do we do next" she was an amazing dog.

Pictures of Rave from summer 2004

Congrats to Rave for earning your first major by going WB, BW, and BOB over a special for a 4pt major. Her second major the next day for WB and BOS for a 3pt major. All from the Bred by class.

Rave finished her Championship with her 3rd major. (3pt major) on Nov 16, 2002!

Rainbow girl at 5 weeks old

Rainbow girl at 8 weeks old

Rave trying to sneak up on her dad, and steal his toy

Rave 16 weeks

Rave at 16 weeks, and her great grandfather "Rowdy" Ch Souvenir Foremost CDX at 14.5 years old

Rave with her brother Crash at 5 months old

Rave 1 week past 5 months
photos taken on 8-20

Rave 11 months old

HOT doggie after running at the park

Rave at 17 months

Rave at 2 yrs old

The boys

The girls

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