Champion, CDX
OFA Excellent, OFA Elbows NormalACVO clear

3-13-00 - 8-23-11
she was very much loved and she will be missed.
"Kaila" is owned by Louise Clements, Meridian ID

Congrats to Louise and Kaila on thier 3rd leg and CDX!
With a first place in Open A on 4-16-04!

Congrats to Louise and Kaila for picking up Kaila's first CDX leg on 6-12-03 - first in her class with a 192!

Congrats to Kaila and Louise for earning her CD in 3 shows - with a 195 and HIGH in Trial for her first leg! then a 192 and 187 for her CD in 3 days straight days of showing! And a 4th leg on the 4th day! all scores with class placements!

Congrats to Kalia and and her owner handler Louise on finishing with 4 majors in July 2001!

Red girl at 5 weeks old


Kaila her first days home

Kaila at 10 weeks 5 days old

She is looking like a Pro, CDX here we come!

I KNOW the cookies are up there, I'm SURE of it!
Kaila one day shy of 15 weeks

Kaila 15 weeks

Kaila 16 weeks

Kaila loves Mica

Kaila 5 months old

Kaila at 6 months

Kaila 7 months old

Kaila at her first show weekend- 13 months of age

Kaila 2.5 yrs old Fall 2002

Kaila playing with her best buddy Simon

Kaila in her new Kiddy pool summer '03

Kaila playing in the water summer '04

Kaila in September 2004

Vist Louise's web page for Kaila, Mica and Paige

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