Champion Travail
Intl. Champion
Duc du Creux Thatcher

11-13-88 to 11-19-01
A Grand, Proud & Amazing dog
He will be missed

Duc 6 yrs old
Owned by Ron and Debbie Skinner Aguanga, CA
Lived in Retirement his last 2 years with
Catherine Shields of Carousel Belgian Malinois - Woodburn, OR

In the summer of 1995 I met a breathtaking dog named Duc. He had recently (5 or 6 weeks prior) been imported from France by Ron and Debbie Skinner. As I watched Duc and Debbie work “Chien en blanc” Ring III, I knew I was watching a very special dog. While I don't have video tape of this trial, I can still "see" Duc and Debbie in my head (smile). He was eager, happy, and attentive on and off the trial field. This "working sport dog", a Champion of work, was also a very social dog preferring to LEAN into you when he gets pets, mouth open wide - almost smiling.

Duc's temperament, good "Belgian type", willingness and desire to work became a measure of all the Malinois I met. Two and a half years later, I flew down to Debbie and Ron's home and picked up my first Duc daughter "Journey". Journey's joy of life, and intent focus on me, and her great work ethic confirmed my feelings that Duc was a great dog.

Late December 1998, Journey was 13 months old we drove back down to CA with my "Tessa" in heat -- off to meet Duc!

Duc January 1999, 10 yrs old

As things sometimes happen we had timing problems (stupid human -- that would be me!) but were blessed w/ a singleton puppy named "Solo".

Winter 1999, I still had a desire to have one last Tessa litter. During a chance conversation, Debbie asked what dog I was going to breed to Tessa. I replied I would breed Tessa to my own male so that we would not have to travel. I seemed the best way to find out of there was a problem with Tessa. Debbie then offered something I never expected. She offered Duc to come up to Oregon for a visit with Tessa and a 6 month vacation! Three months after Duc arrived, we had our results ----- 11 Diamond pups, 8 female and 3 male pups. I would say both Tessa AND Duc still had what was needed to have a healthy litter.

Duc April 2000, 11.5 yrs old

Duc has discovered life as a house dog to his liking. He is happy and I think he enjoyed his "retired" lifestyle.

Duc on the Oregon Coast, June 2000

Duc on the Oregon Coast, June 2000

Duc was the sire of my Diamond Litter, and the sire of my girl Promise.


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