Journey pictured at 16 months of age at Cannon Beach

N'Chantress des Ombres Valeureux TD, CGC
11-25-97 - 4-26-02

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Journey pictured at 1 year of age
Photo by Kadi Thingvall

I chose Journey, well I should say she chose me when I went to see her litter in January 1998. Every time I turned around she was always right in front of me, wagging her tail, and looking into my eyes.
Always dedicated to task, always devoted to me, always giving me that full body wag. This will be my memory of her.

She taught me the meaning of a dog with work ethic, she worked for me for the pure joy of sport and my praise. I miss her so much. I think my vet said the most comforting words, she was like a comet or a shooting star something that burms very bright, but not something I could have to enjoy for as long as I wanted.


Journey pictured at 16 months of age

Journey at Cannon Beach again - 16 months old.


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