Champion CDX SchH 1 HCTs CGC
CERF BM-416/2000-02
OFA Hips Good BM 1184G24M-PI, OFA Elbows "Normal" BM-EL348M24-PI, OFA Thyroid - BM-TH21/28M-PI

HUGE congrats to Becky and Beamer on earning your SchH 1! with a 96 and V rated in protection March 25, 2007.
Congrats to Becky and Beamer for passing your BH with flying colors on May 13, 2006!
Congrats to Becky and Beamer for earning your HCTs and CGC the weekend of May 24/25! 2004

Congrats to Becky and Beamer for earning Beamers Breed Championship!
Congrats to Beamer and Becky for earning your CDX -- With scores of 192 - 2nd place, 192, 1st place and 194 and First place!!!!!

"Beamer" is owned by Becky Palm - CA.

Beamer March 2007

Blue boy at 4 weeks old

Blue boy at 8 weeks old

Beamer at the lake 4 months old

Beamer on his first Camping trip 5.5 months old

Beamer and Becky in the canoe

Beamer at his first show - 7 months old

Beamer November 2000 -- Got to LOVE those Tennis BALLS!

Beamer May 2001

Beamer and a new barn kitten

Beamer and days old Mirage
(with Becky and "Mom")

Beamer, Becky and his new brother Bailey
Out looking for a Christmas Tree
Nov. 2001

Beamer sitting, Bailey standing

Beamer infront, Baily coming up behind

Becky, Beamer and Bailey March, 2002.

Bailey is up close to Becky, Beamer further away - and more of a "side" on view.

The boys

The girls

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