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Welcome to my planned litter page. I am a member of the American Belgian Malinois club. If you are still trying to decide if a Malinois is right to you I would encourage you to visit the ABMC Home page There is a great deal of information on this page including breeders code of ethics and how to find a breeder.

I'm not breeding for a working sport dog anymore than I am breeding for a Best in Show dog. I am breeding healthy active versatile dogs suited for the conformation ring and AKC type companion and performance events, i.e., obedience, tracking, and agility - and from time to time a litter focused on herding aptitude. I'm very focused on functional, let me say it again FUNCTIONAL sound structured dogs that have bodies to hold up and move efficiently. But first and foremost, I live with my dogs - they are my loved companions. Recently a horse has joined my life and we will be spending a great deal of time at the stable with the horse. An ability to "hang" out and go trail riding will be critical! I expect I will be spending less time at dog shows and trials. Temperament and structure suitable for AKC companion dog and performance events will always be a top priority for me. I will try to improve "type" in future litters rather than introduce flawed temperament and structural faults.

Breeders should have a plan and a goal in mind. Litters are part of a bigger picture, not an end goal to themselves, some litters are fantastic, and exceed your wildest dreams and some litters do not turn out exactly as one might expect!

I do look 2-3 generations down the road when I consider a potential litter. Since I do not breed very often, and I don't keep a kennel of dogs (try to keep my limit to 3-4 Malinois), this plan will take time. The success of this program depends greatly on my puppy buyers, limited use of co-ownerships, time, and patience! I am very excited about the journey, and hope to find others that would like to accomplish the goal of breeding Malinois of correct temperament and type. More than just "show dogs" or just "working dogs" but excellent performance dogs and active, and often demanding companions.

Carousel's Savannah Rumor at 8 weeks old
Belg/Am Ch O'Neill van Balderlo HS x U-CDX Ch Trew Bleu Anticipation CDX, RA, HCT(s)

This is a time to remind potential buyers that if you are looking for a "show only" dog, or a "working sport" dog, I am not be the breeder to to work with. That said I have bred 3 working sport titled Malinois two to SchH 1 one to a SchH 3, several more young dogs with BH and training in Schutzhund and Ring sport but it is NOT my goal.

While I want good looking Malinois, temperament and structure for AKC companion dog and performance will always be my primary goal, that said I do like to show my dogs in the breed ring and would rather have a pretty dog, just not at the cost of good temperament. I'm not going to breed for a current fad, or a to die for head or outline. I care about the total package! If you are looking for a dog that has titles on both ends of their name? a dog that is fun to "go and do" things with? That is the goal of my breeding program!

It is also a time to remind people that to reach their potential, Malinois take time, training, socializing, and understanding. During training be prepared for Malinois to ask you "why?" they are learning, or what is the purpose of this new behavior.

Few Malinois make a good back yard, or part time pets. Malinois are not always easy to live with. Malinois love to chase moving objects and many are master manipulators. They can start the training of their new "human" from the moment they step into your home. Most are territorial and can be protective of your home, car, family and children. If left on their own in the back yard they can be very creative landscapers and alarm systems for all that walk by your home. If what you want is a more passive dog, who will not speak up and tell you what it wants, needs or thinks! find another breed!

Available dogs and future litters

All prospective homes will be screened,
Prospective owner will need to fill out a buyers questionnaire.



Banner x Vesper litter due Summer 2015




Past Litters Using Carousel Stud Dogs

Element Belgians
Had the fall 2009 Litter "Wind" Litter with
U-CD Ch Carousel's Wild Adventure UDX RN MX MXJ NF CA CGC ROM 1
Element Belgians
WELCOMED a very special Litter into the world early on March 2nd! 5 boys 2 girls!
March 2010

using Frozen Semen from
AM/CH O'Neill van Balderlo HS JHD CQN CGC

Bull Mountain Malinois
U-CD Ch Carousel's Wild Adventure UDX RN MX MXJ NF CA CGC ROM 1
Bliss vom Schwarzen Basilisk CDX HSAs NA NAJ NAP
Born 6-21-10

Summer 2013
Souvenir Malinois - WA state

Donna Haworth -

has a litter planned with
Ch Carousel's Stars and Stripes CAA (Banner)
x Souvenir Reflection (Mira)

3 boys 3 girls born 5-30-2013
Souvenir "V" Litter Web Page


Deborah Hale of Harmony Malinois
Ch UCD Carousel's Wild Adventure UDX OM1 RN MX MXB MXJ MJB NF CA
Ch Souvenir T'Marguerite

born 9-4-13 - 1 male 1 female

More info on Carousel Malinois

Please see the bottom of the page for helpful links for OFA, CERF, ABMC and other resources.

MORE on the How and Why?

Pups will be evaluated on their strengths and weaknesses, so that the correct match can be made for the needs of puppy and new owner. This also requires that prospective owners be realistic about their needs, interests and abilities. It seems more often than I would like an enthusiastic prospective owner over estimates their ability. This may lead to placing the WRONG puppy, into the WRONG home. This is bad for the puppy as well as the new owner. Puppies will not be matched with their homes until all testing is completed at or around 8 weeks of age. While I do keep a waiting list and take a few deposits there is no way I can guarantee I will have a puppy for you. Prior to placement into new homes all pups will have CERF exams; Microchip ; Puppy temperament tested - using Sheila Booth's, "Positive Puppy Preview"; and have structural evaluations by the well-respected AKC judge Pat Hastings; author of the "The Puppy Puzzle" Video. Pat conducts hundreds of litter evaluations per year, and has evaluated all my litters to date.
It is critical for any performance dog that.
1. There is a drive and desire to "work and train" (regardless if it is tracking, agility, herding or obedience)
2. The dog should have stability of temperament.
3. The dog must have good to great structure to meet the physical demands of training and trials.

My pups are raised in the home and yard and often underfoot with extensive socialization and start off with early neurological stimulation. Pups are exposed to different sights and sounds, crate training, car rides and one on one playtime with me! Pups are socialized with friends, visitors and family.

All dogs used for breeding are DNA profiled, OFA and CERF evaluated - pups are sold with a written Buyers agreement.

I will plan to check out prospective buyers you should do the same for ANY breeder! I have some wonderful puppy buyers and I'm proud to present my pups as well as their owners on my web page. Do make an effort to meet dogs from my breeding and talk to their owners, and meet as many malinois as you can before you decide to own one. Most my puppy buyers have email addresses linked on their pups web page - others are happy to be contacted through me. MOST are good about correspondence with email. I think all would be happy to meet prospective buyers so you can meet their dog. I'm most interested that you find a dog that "fits" your lifestyle, needs and goals for your pup, than I am that you get your puppy from me. Also, once I have a litter on the way I sometimes do take deposits to hold a spot on a waiting list. But I wait until the pups are 8 weeks old, temperament tested and structural evaluations to match the pups to my waiting homes. I will not send a puppy to a home unless I feel it is the right match for the new owners experience, needs and expectations.

For a buyers questionnaire, please e-mail me at Catherine Shields,

Resources for prospective puppy buyers

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