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DOB 11-2-05

Orange Boy

AKA - Harley Davidson

Ch Carousel's Stars and Stripes CAA
OFA Hips Excellent, OFA Elbows Normal, OFA Cardiac normal, OFA Thyroid Normal CERF

Banner finished his Breed Championship from the Bred by class (just like his sire) with 3 Majors - 5, 4 and 3pts!
during May, June and August of 2008 - Thanks to Angela Silvestri for running him around the Winners rings!

I'm so pleased with Banner while slow to physically grow up (he was a lanky teenager for the longest time)
Like his grandmother Tessa, as he is about to turn 3 yrs old he is filling out and looking oh so handsome.

Banner is 25" measured with a official wicket, and ranges 60-62#
compete dentition and produced complete dentition with a bitch who has produced missing teeth.
He has a beautiful scissors bite.

Banner is staying here with ME!

Banner with a 5pt major at 2 1/2 yrs old - May 2008

Banner at the local dog pool - Nov 2011

Banner is my idea of SOUND functional STRUCTURE
No blow dry, no back brushing, no TRIMMING no sculpting!
DRIPPING soaking went right out of the pool!
Banner at 6 yrs
old - Nov 2011

my boy - I can not express the bond and love I feel for this dog
Summer 2011

Banner LOVES Lure coursing!
a natural sport for this amazing athlete
Banner waiting his turn at a
AKC CAT (Coursing Ability Test)
Banner earned the first Malinois CA and CAA titles we hope to continue coursing Summer of 2013

summer 2011

Banner had his first exposure to sheep Nov 2008 and the natural sensible talent he showed prompted me to seriously focus on herding. I didn't not continue herding with Banner mostly do to financial concerns and changes in my life. SOME day when I have herding training close to where I live I may consider herding again, I had enjoyed herding very much in the 90s

Below are pictures of Banner, his 2nd time in the round pen with sheep.

Banner and Trudy

Banner playing at Hunter's house in Southern CA

Banner 2 1/2 yrs old, playing the afternoon after his 5pt major - May 2008

Banner at 19 months old - May 2007

Banner at 18 months old - May 2007

Banner at almost 7 months old - May 2006

8 1/2 weeks old

7 1/2 weeks old

6 1/2 weeks old

5 1/2 weeks old

5 1/2 weeks old

4 1/2 weeks old --- it was a BIG afternoon!

4 1/2 weeks old

3 1/2 weeks old

3 weeks old

8 days old

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