U-CD Ch. Carousel's Wild Adventure UD OM1 RN MX MXJ NF CA CGC
OFA Good Hips, OFA Normal Elbows, OFA normal Cardiac, OFA Thyroid, CERF
"Seeker" is owned and loved by
Connie Johnson (CJ) and Catherine Shields, Oregon
12-28-06 - 6:45am - "Blue boy"
Seeker made his way home on Feb 22nd and lives in Beaverton, OR

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Link to his dam Promise
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I can't tell you what big fan I am of Seeker. I'm so proud to be his breeder. He is all about what I hope to breed in a Malinois - Versitle, sound, handsome STABLE dogs. He is one of the most bomb poof unflappable dogs I have ever met, he exudes confidence. He is also a willing, driven and a happy worker. Stable and social with dogs of all attitudes including intact males. I have been very happy with what I have seen and heard from his first 2 litters, one a show line bitch, the other a working line bitch. I look forward to the day when I have a bitch to breed to him!

Here is some info from his owner CJ and what she has to say about living with Seeker!
February 2013
Seeker is accomplished in both agility and obedience.  Our goals are both MACH and OTCH.  His official titles are: CH, UD, RN, MX, MXB, MXJ, MJB, NF, CA.  He has all his speed points and 10 of his 20 double Q's toward his MACH.  We hope to finish that this season.  Last year I concentrated on USDAA events and he qualified to go to the Cynopsort World Games in Denver, where we ran in Grand Prix and Team.  Seeker is also an enthusiastic obedience dog with 7 of his 10 UDX legs, 20 OTCH points and 2 of his 3 class wins.  I'm often asked about his CA title, which is the Coursing Ability Test.  He's pretty good at that, too!
Seeker earned his Championship in grand style and ended the year in the top 5 Malinois for the country earning him an invitation to the Westminster Kennel Club show.  We flew to New York and he showed well.  He also qualified for Eukanuba that year, and showed there as well. 
We've done some UKC obedience, earning his U-CD.  We will probably continue on for the rest of the titles.
When Seeker isn't training for and competing in performance events, he is my Service Dog and goes everywhere with me.  He started filling in for my older dog when he was two and he is rock solid, taking all situations in stride.  He is wonderful with small children and the elderly.  I've never seen him flinch at any situation I've put him in.  When he isn't needing to be contained, he is a bundle of energy!  Very fun to train, quick to learn, and a fun partner in the ring.

Seeker has had 2 litter to date and one planned for 2013
2009 with Element Belgians
2010 with Bull Mountain Malinois
And planned litter in 2013 with Harmony Malinois

Seeker loves Obedience

SEEKER!!!! loves Lure coursing

Seeker loves Agility

MORE Pictures of Seeker below

Seeker July 2009 - Pictures by Tasha Pluim

thanks for the great pic Tasha!

Seeker and Tiffany Saxon at Westminster Kennel club 2009

Seeker 24 Months

Seeker 22 months

Seeker 18 months

Seeker at 17 months old

Seeker at 9 months old

Seeker at 9 months old

Seeker at 9 weeks old

7 weeks old

6 weeks old

5 weeks old

3 1/2 weeks old

2 weeks old

10 days old

His first picture 3 days old

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