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Multiple Group Winning Ch Broadcreek's Titus of Taliesin CD Sch A (Obed/Protection) RN CGC
OFA Good, OFA Elbows, OFA Thyroid, OFA Cardiac, OFA Patella, CERF
dob 5-13-2001
Titus is proudly owned by Holly Howell
co-owned by Catherine Shields

Titus has been used successfully in a frozen semen breeding, producing 11 puppies May of 2009

Congratuations to Holly and Titus, he earned his Sch A on 3-6-10
Pronounced and High scoring in Protection!

Spring - 2013 - I'm working on updating my pages with Titus puppies, they are work in progress after my web page was pretty much dormant the last 2-3 yrs -- The titles on the Wild litter is updated but am CURRENTLY working on the rest and they are outdated......
I have had the following litters with Titus
2006 Wild litter
2007 - Singleton - Tuffy co bred with Holly Howell
2007 Dream litter co bred with Helen Raseman
2007 co bred Stardust litter with Laurie Kudna

The many faces of Titus from Multiple group winning dog to preparing for his Sch 1
Retired from the show ring at the top of his game Feb of 2007
click here to see the WKC BOB in 2007 - Titus's last show
Titus was expertly shown by Tiffany Saxon

Smile pretty!

After his fun in the shown ring Titus decided he also LOVES Schutzhund! The grainy pictures were taken off video.

Titus waiting to be sent on his go-out

Titus hanging out at home Dec 2006

Spring 09 - Titus and Holly earned their CD, and they were getting ready for Open obed in the following months but a Job change for Holly took away much her training time and almost all her trial time. Titus is now retired.

June 28th 2008 Titus who is retired from the Specials ring, was Best Veteran in Sweeps at the ABMC Supported entry in Redmond, OR

Feb 13 2007 - Congrats to Titus and Holly for his BOB Win at the Westminster Kennel club dog show and for his fantastic showing in group ring, go daddy Titus!

Dec 3rd 2006 - Congrats to Titus for his BOB Win at the AKC invitational at Long Beach!

I met Titus in 2004 and was so impressed with this happy, social, waggy, ball crazy attitude just brimming with confidence. There is almost nothing I didn't like about this dog! But he didn't have any puppies on the ground and I was not planning any future litters at that time. That changed March of 2005 Souvenir Malinois had the first litter with Titus. Lucky for me most of the puppies are in the Pacific NW 2 of them in show performance homes and 3 in SAR/show homes! The pups have great breed type and wonderful temperaments - 4 are now finished, and 1 other has her major conformation wins.

Titus cleaned up in the show ring in the South West from late 2004 and through early 2007. His last trip to the specials ring was WKC 2007 where he was BOB as he had at Eukanuba at Long Beach. He won Eukanuba and WKC w/in 3 months and Holly figured that was a great place to stop. At that point he was retired as the number one Malinois All breed in 2006, and had been number 2 All breed in 2005. While Titus is retired from the Specials ring, he can be found out at the Schtuzund field, or the obedience ring and from time to time he will be found in the Veterans class, he really is a HAM in the show ring and LOVES it!
While I did not chose him because of his show record, it was pretty impressive! Click here to see how Titus did in the breed and group rings in 04, 05 and 06!
Titus has full brothers with impressive resumes in both the breed ring and obedience and a sister that has set records for Malinois in the show ring. For more information on the accomplishments of these dogs please do ask!

I'm grateful for to Holly for letting me use Titus in my breeding program. He is such a cool dog, and since his retirement from the Breed ring he is been training in Sch and obedience.

Update - Summer 2009 -
Titus is once again visiting at my house, I can't express how much I like this dog. Toys obsessed, easy to train I'm working on his Open obed while he is here for a visit to see "Star" we are having a blast and while maybe I'm bias, I think the malinois world needs MORE dogs like Titus.

Titus's pedigree is very intriguing to me, he is line bred on dogs that interest me very much. These dogs take me back to some very strong show performance producing dogs of the 1980's and the combination of Cassius De La Belle Edita and Etoile De La Court Pointe. I'm very pleased with my Titus pups and can see that Titus children will be a big part of the future of of Carousel Malinois
To see a 5 Generation pedigree of Titus click here

Below are more pictures of Titus

wagging his tail as usual!

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