Stardust Malinois
in partnership with Carousel Malinois

Is proud to present the "Moon" litter

8 puppies born 8-13-09
4 males 4 females!

Laurie Kudna

ll the puppies are now in their homes, Laurie is starting her own web page, and I hope we will catch up with updates in the months to come

Please enjoy this picture of Apollo at his first show
7 months old
Startdust Fly Me to the Moon

Click here for the Stardust Moon litter Diary!
****DIARY LAST UPDATED 9-30-09****

Puppy chart is below pictures of Titus and Star...

Titus on the left Star on the right

Multiple Group Winning Ch Broadcreek's Titus Of Taliesin CD Sch A RN HIC CGC
OFA Good hips, OFA elbows, OFA thyroid, OFA Cardiac normal, OFA patella, CERF, DNA profiled , CHIC #18122 click here for his OFA page
click on his name to go to his personal page

Ch Carousel's Wish Upon a Star TG-N HIC
OFA Hips Excellent, OFA Elbows Normal, Cardiac Normal, CERF CHIC #555964 click here for her OFA Page
click on her name to go to her personal page - Star has new pictures updated on her web page 8-14-09

Pedigree Click here

Sex Time of
Call name
Health related stats
1 Blue Male 6:07am Apollo
OFA Excellent
Grade 1 Elbow
2 Green Male 6:22am Delta
OFA Excellent
Grade 1 Elbow
NW 1
3 Gold Female 6:28am Dancer
OFA Excellent Hips OFA Normal Elbows
AKC Pointed BN RN
4 White Female 7:20am Sari
OFA good OFA Normal elbows
c sec Red Female Noon Rocket
OFA Good
grade one elbow
WB ABMC Regional Specialty
c sec Silver Male Noon Indy
c sec Turquoise Male Noon Cato
c sec Lime Female Noon Limerick
OFA good
OFA Normal elbows


Facts on Titus

Titus retired from the show ring after a 2 1/2 yrs specials career capped off with a win at Eukanuba invitational (Dec 06) and Westminster (Feb 07) kennel club Multi group wins 2nd in All breed standings in 2005 behind his 1/2 sister Mirabella the most winning Malinois in the history of the breed and and top of the all breed standing for 2006 .  Titus retired from the show ring after his win at WKC. That said! at almost 6 yrs old, he did not rest just go "hang out at home" in the 2 yrs since he retired, he has earned his RN, CD, BH and is preparing for Open obedience as well as his Sch 1 - not bad for a dog who just turned 8 yrs old May of 09.  Titus is 24.5" and weight is mid 50s in fit working weight, he was in the upper 50s when being shown in the breed ring. Titus has a level bite and no missing teeth.

Facts on Titus as a Sire

Titus's first litter the Souvenir “R” litter was bred to “Star’s” mother Abby (Ch Blue Water Absolute Peppar), this litter now 4 yrs old, 4 have finished their breed Championship with one just needing single points to finish – this litter includes multiple agility titled dogs, a Herding Group placer! herding titled, as well as rally and obed titled and an SAR trained dog. Titus’s 2nd litter (U-CD Promise des Ombres Valeureux CD RA CGC)  the Carousel Wild litter (Dec 06) includes 4 breed champions with 1 other just needing single points to finish.  This young litter has already produced 2 high in trial obed dogs as well as multiple agility excellent level titled dogs and 3 pups from this one litter were invited to Eukanuba in 2008.  A top 5 Invite to WKC in 2009, and bitch from this litter was BOSS at the 2009 ABMC national. Titus’s 3rd litter (Ch Carousel’s Sterling Silver RN BH) resulted in a singleton puppy (March 2007), major pointed and training for his BH and Sch 1.  His 4th litter (U-CDX Ch Carousel’s Diamonds N Sapphire CDX) (Oct 2007) is just getting out there for us all to enjoy, one pup has finished and has a herding title. 1 pup from this litter earned her first group placement - a group 1 no less! at 20 months of age, her brother also earned a Group 4 the day prior! Titus was the top malinois sire in 2008.

My Opinion on Titus!

Titus has very high prey drive, toy killer and obsessive retriever, he vibrates while waiting to play fetch.  He is great with other dogs intact male female etc, he has no dog aggression.  While he is not good with cats, he shows great sense around stock and his first introductions to sheep were fantastic.  His strengths are his amazing temperament classic breed type and clean fluid effortless movement.
Titus flat out is just a cool dog, in my mind we need MORE dogs like Titus, excellent with people, happy social tail wagging forward attitude, no dog aggression and is LOVING every bit of his bite work training!

My Opinion on Titus as a Sire

As much as I love Titus, I'm crazy about his puppies! Titus has fun, beautiful, healthy beautiful, versatile well structured pups from the crossed into the lines above, Star is related to every bitch Titus has been bred to – her mother Abby as well as 2 Duc daughters (Promise and Fire), one a sister of Star’s father (Fire) as well a Granddaughter (Indi) of Duc (Star is also a Duc Granddaughter).  What I see that bred do different bitches Titus is proving himself as a very versitle sire of both conformation and performance Malinois - and dogs that are a total package of both beauty and performance.
Frankly? I think the Malinois world needs MORE dogs like Titus and more dogs like Titus's pups!


Facts on Star

Star is a blend of working and show lines, her mother Abby listed above who was the Top Malinois dam in 2008 as well as tied for the top herding breeds dam in 2008 was also bred to Titus. Star's sire Hunter (Ch Carousel’s Indigo Diamond) is from the very successful Carousel Diamond litter Hunter was Best Puppy in Sweeps at the 2001 ABMC National and finished with 4 majors, 3 of them 5pt majors.  Star is from the Carousel "Star" litter - 4 of the litter of 5 dogs where shown in the breed ring, all have finished, they also include multiple HIT obedience dogs, tracking titled dogs, excellent level titled agility dog. Star is the first malinois for her owner as well as her first show dog, always owner handled, she finished easily with 4 majors including supported entry major over a specials bitch for BOS and her final points to finish were a 4pt major, BW and BOB under the legendary AKC judge Michelle Billings. With very limited showing Star finished in the top 10 breed standings in 2008 and was invited to Eukanuba invitational in 2008. Now mostly retired from the Breed ring she is training in agility and tracking and has passed a herding aptitude test.
Star has a beautiful scissors bite and no missing teeth, she is about 21.5" (need to get an official measure) and her weight is in the low 40s

My Opinion on Star

Star is an easy to live with dog that spend hours at her family's seasonal nursery. Star and Laurie love agility and tracking and spends free time training in those areas. Star gets long well with other dogs as well as bitches.  She is a silly happy dog, a wonderful first malinois for Laurie. Star is an amazing agile athlete, fast and light on her feet, with wonderful structure.

What do we expect from this litter?

We expect dogs with wonderful structure and athleticism and classic breed type, no fads here!  Our expectation is puppies on the smaller side of the standard but you just never know! Star's brothers are on the middle to larger end of the standard and Titus has relations that would also be considered large but when bred to a small bitch his puppies have been somewhat refined..  
We are looking for homes that might enjoy agility as well as a having a chance to show a dog that may do very well in the breed ring.
but what we will need to do is meet the puppies and evaluate them on their own merits!!!
While not being raised at my home, I live 20 min from Laurie and will be spending A LOT of time with this litter (fun to be the granny I get to play with them and go home!). Laurie has assisted me with all my litters the past 3 1/2 yrs and attended whelping of my litters since the Wild litter was born.  She will be raising the litter in similar fashion as I do with all lots of attention on early socialization, including the early neurological stimulation program, clicker training and extensive socialization and exposure to the world. Pups will be evaluated when it comes time for placement by independent parties.  Temperament testing will be planned as well as structural evaluation with Pat Hastings.  Pups will have CERF and microchip before going to homes.  All pups will be sold with a buyers agreement, homes should be prepare to be screened.

Stay tuned over the next weeks for updates.

If you are interested in a buyers questionnaire please contact Laurie

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