Belgian and (AKC) American Champion
O'Neill van Balderlo
CQN HS JHD TDI CGC (s.92 B & s.93 T)
2000 ABMC National show - Best Veteran dog and Award of Merit

O'Neill was OFA Good as well as HD/A
OFA Elbows Normal, CERF, OFA Thyroid Normal
DOB 2-12-90 - 9-8-2004

O'Neill's semen has been successfully used, we look forward to more O'Neill puppies in the years to come!

Ch Carousel's Wish Upon a Star
2 male puppies born 1-30-13
watch for a web page for the litter coming soon

and a litter planned and later in the spring of 2013
with BOSS GCH Carousel's the Wild Wild West NAJ

watch for a web page for the litter coming soon

We mourn the loss of O'Neill,
O'Neill died suddenly Wed night 9-8-04
At 14.5 yrs old he had been in apparent good health and spirits, still eating his meals with gusto, silly and happy as always, wagging his tail hard to go for walks. His sudden loss was a shock. His biggest influence and memory in our lives was his role as our amazing companion for the past 9 1/2 yrs.
He will be sorely missed.

O'Neill at 12.5 yrs old - Summer 2002

picture taken by Sandy Moore - O'Neill at 6 yrs old

O'Neill young - while in Belgium

Belgian and (AKC) American Champion O'Neill van Balderlo,
CQN, HS, HCT, JHD, TDI, CGC, (s.92 B & s.93 T)
2000 ABMC National show - Best Veteran dog, and an Award of Merit

O'Neill at 10 yrs old Best Veteran dog and AOM at the 2000 ABMC National

O’Neill was imported from Belgium in 1995 at 5.5 yrs of age - he is the sweetest, most willing and devoted dogs I have ever owned. 

(January 1999) O'Neill become the devoted companion and my folks a "spoiled house dog". My father turned into a "kooky" dog person like the rest of us, quick to tell "O'Neill" stories whenever given a chance. O'Neill also became my mothers faithful walking companion each morning for 2-3 miles at 6am. O'Neill was truly a dog who's life just kept getting better.

O’Neill had 3 litters in the United States, Trew Bleue’s “Music” litter (10-95), Roulet’s “Casino” litter (6-96), and Carousel’s “Rumor” litter (8-97).  O’Neill’s litters have produced - A Best in Specialty winner, the first Herding Champion Malinois, the first Dual Ch Malinois and the first and as of May 2009 6 yrs later still the only Champion Tracking and VST Malinois. O'Neill has produced multiple dogs with Breed Ch, Agility titled, Herding titled, Tracking Titled, obed titled and over all wonderful companions.

In the Herding arena - it is MY Opinion that No dog has had a greater positive influence than O'Neill. His legacy continues to grow. At the date I write this there are 5 Herding/Dual Champion Malinois 2 are O'Neill son (Traveler) and daughter (River) another a granddaughter (our breeds first Triple Ch -
Herding (HC) Master Agility (MACH 2) Breed (CH) TC Alouette’s Dances With Turick RN HIAd,s HXAds,c HXBd MXF
(spring 2013 I hope to do some research in the next few months to update this info again)
In 2009 at the ABMC National Specialty the High Combined Herding trial dog as well as BISS show as an O'Neill Great Grandson, Avonlea American Idol - I continue to be proud of O'Neill's legacy.
Congrats to breeder Ann McKay and proud owner Lori Thomas

See pictures taken by Carol Delsman of O'Neill herding in the snow, click here

I am very proud of O'Neill's pups
below are some of their accomplishments

Dogs below were bred outside the USA prior to O'Neill being imported to the USA spring of 1995 Dam - of dogs below Ch Souvenir Harmony CD
Litter DOB 10-27-1995
Breeder Barb Peach
Trew Bleue Malinois
Dam - of dogs below
AKC/UKC Ch Roulet's Place your Bette,
Litter DOB 6-19-96 Breeder Sue Haase Roulet Belgians
Dam - of dogs below
U-CDX CH Trew Bleue Anticipation CDX, RA HCT CGC
Litter DOB 8-16-1997
Breeder Catherine Shields
Carousel Malinois
Dam - of dogs below CH. Belgenbeau Bryscar Cameo RN OB2 BH AD TT CGC
Litter DOB 3-1-2010 Breeder Tasha Pluim Element Malinois
Dam - Mira van Balderlo
"Traveler" DOB 4-21-94 - AKC DC/UKC Ch Klaar Trew Charisma, AHBA HRD3, HTD3, ASCA STDcs, TT, CGC, OFA Good Hips, OFA Clear Elbows, CERF Traveler was the first Malinois Herding Champion and First Malinois Dual Champion! Traveler was proudly owned by Barbara Peach and Sandy Moore of Gardnerville
Breeder Klaar Belgians of Canada

"Minuet" Ch Trew Bleue Christmas Music owned by Kathy and Gregg Greenwood of OK, - Minuet was the foundation bitch for Alouette Belgians.

"River" BISS AKC/UKC DC Roulet's the Riviera
1998 WB/BOW ABMC National specialty
1999 BOSS ABMC National specialty
2001 BISS ABMC National Specialty winner
River became the 3rd Malinois Herding and Dual Champion!
owner breeder Sue Haase.

"Brady" CT U-CD Carousel's Triumphant Rumor CD HSAs JHD, HCT, CGC -
Brady passed his TDX fall of 2002, and passed his VST May 18th 2003 - making him the first Malinois Champion Tracker! owned by Diane Muzzey
"Sid" Element's Trew Ice Age HSAs PT
Owned by Tasha Pluim
Dam - Nice van Balderlo
Quoran van Balderlo
Best Malinois at the 1993 French Specialty
"BJ" Trew Bleue Creative Music, AX, AJX, CGC; USDAA - AD; NADAC - EAC, OJC, OGC, ASCA - RS-N owned by Lisa Kretner
Ch Roulet's Tiveque the Mirage CDX HT Owner Ken Hansen

"Cas" Carousel's Sovereign Rumor TD owned by Devin Johnson
Dam Viefke-Nora vd Oudenakker NHSB 1.657.300
Sjuul-Viefke vh Meulenend, PHI certificate at the July 22-27 1999 PHI trial in Limburg te Horst. certified PHI met lof (with distinction) with a score of 418/440 points during summer and fall 1999 trials. NHSB 1.975.351. born Christmas day 1994
The breeder CMAM Swanik of Roosendael, Holland. Owned by Heuvelmans of Oudenakker kennel
"Kiera" Trew Bleue Classical Music HSAs
owner Kris McElhinney

Roulet's Shelby AX AXJ

  "Casi" Trew Bleue Casino Music HS, owner Sue Haase      

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