BOSS Ch. Carousel's The Wild Wild West NAJ
OFA good, OFA elbows Normal OFA Thyroid Normal, CERF and Cardiac Normal
Is owned and loved by
Laurie Kudna and Catherine Shields, Oregon
12-28-06 - 4:04am "Red girl"
Cayenne made her 20 min drive home to Salem on Feb 22nd

Cayenne was BOSS at the 2009 ABMC Specialty under breeder judge Susie Williamson.
She was part of the get for the brood bitch entry that led her mother Promise to best Brood bitch!
Cayenne earned a Group 2 at MBKC 2010!!!

Cayenne is stable and kind, social with people, good with cats stock and dogs but deadly on rodents! she is a SUPER mouser. She is a silly dog that fits in great at my house when she visits, although a bit of a princess, she gets along great with all the dogs in the house and Laurie and I regularly travel to shows together and our dogs get along great.

People ask me what I love most about her - the answer is everything. She has wonderful mind, easy to live with, kind, sensible and beautiful. I'm VERY excited about Cayenne's future in my breeding program, I'm thrilled with how her littermates are doing in the show and performance venues. I love breeding dogs who come from what I consider very good families, they are not the only stand outs in their litter, the litter she came from was full of excellent quality.

Cayenne earned her 3rd and 4th major to finish her Championship at the ABMC Supported entry in Redmond, Oregon - June 2008

The following picture is a good body shot of Cayenne taken when she finished
but that is all
the color is WRONG, shadow behind her head is horrible
- Picture taken at 18 months shows what a lovely body she has.

We will be working on a good body shot of Cayenne, but for now this will have to do!

Cayenne was BOS in puppy sweeps and Winners bitch at the 2007 west coast regional ABMC specialty show in Dixon, CA.
Cayenne earned her 2nd major at the same weekend at the ABMC supported shows!
Cayenne earned all her majors and most of her points at ABMC supported entries!
Cayenne is a beautiful sensible bitch and I'm looking forward to her being part of Carousel's breeding program.

Cayenne herding with trainer Trudy Vicklund, Feb 09


Cayenne working on VST training at 1 yr of age early spring 2008

Thanks to Shelly Bronsan for the beautiful 9.5 month old pictures of Cayenne!

Cayenne 5.5 months old

Cayenne 5.5 months old

Cayenne 5.5 months old

10 weeks old
Thanks to Shelly Bronsan for the beautiful 10 week old pictures of Cayenne!

Cayenne's first tracking lesson

7 weeks old

6 weeks old

5 weeks old

3 1/2 weeks old

2 weeks old

10 days old

Her first picture 3 days old

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