Cairdean Malinois TRIPLE CROWN litter
Due summer 2015

Ch Carousel's Stars and Stripes CAX (Banner)
GCH Carousel's Southern Saga (Vesper)


Banner and Vesper come from well established show and performance families - Banner's littermates include multiple highly titled obedience dogs including OTCH and a UD and CDX as well as MACH, TDX, Champions and multiple other titles. Vesper's littermates include 2 OTCH, and multiple obedience titled, herding titled, agility titled, tracking titled and Champion siblings.

We are expecting beautiful and soundly structured athletic dogs that are willing performance partners and enthusiastic companions.

Puppies will be temperament tested, have structural evaluations and extensive socialization to help prepare and match them to appropriate homes.

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Ch Carousel's Stars and Stripes CAX

Banner is the first Malinois to earn a CA and CAA (Coursing Ability Titles)
CHIC #45179
OFA Hips Excellent, OFA Elbows Normal, OFA Cardiac normal, OFA Thyroid Normal CERF
Click here for Banner's OFA page

GCH Carousel's Southern Saga (Vesper)
OFA Good Hips
OFA Normal Elbows
OFA Normal Thyroid
OFA Normal Cardiac
OFA Normal Shoulder
OFA Normal Patella
CERF Normal
Vesper's OFA page

Babies are here!!!! 8 (4 girls, 4 boys) healthy, happy pups!!! Follow along at Vesper/Banner Litter

Pedigree Click here

Contact info for Shannen Fogarty, SW WA
at Cairdean Malinois

Shannen & Vesper

Dock Diving Medal

Tending sheep!

Information from Shannen on this litter

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