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Ch Blue Water Absolute Peppar RN
OFA good, OFA elbows, OFA thyroid, OFA cardiac, CERF, CHIC - DNA Profiled
Dam of Carousel's "Star" Litter Fall/Winter 2005
Abby is owned and Loved by Donna Haworth of Souvenir Malinois
I'm grateful to Donna for entrusting me with Abby for this very special litter.

I met Abby when Donna picked her up at the Portland Airport spring 1999- she was 7 months old. Abby was thrilled to see us and seemed to view her trip as an adventure. She as happy, social and secure and none of this has ever changed. Abby has been at my house since late August when she came into season, she is wonderful to live with and she gets along great with my other 2 girls - 12.5 yr old Tessa and 6 yr old Promise. All 3 girls run and play at my friend Gina's farm and hang out in the house with me.

So why Abby? Why did I bring this girl into my breeding program? First let's face it, this litter would not be happening had Rave not died, was so enjoying working with Rave and she held my heart. There just was not room for another special dog in my life and I didn't want to take time for this litter. That said a Hunter x Abby litter is a breeding I have ALWAYS thought about and talked to Donna about on several occasions. Abby has very good breed type and excellent structure. She is not just easy to engage; she wants to engage with play and tends to have natural attention. Abby loves to play tug and fetch and does not have have any environmental sensitivity. She is a type of dog "I" enjoy. I have met Both Abby's sire and her dam; they were confident social dogs secure with themselves. Thimber had excellent work ethic and had very good breed type for a working dog. He was a happy up dog often wagging his tail and smiling. While I wish I was not having this litter, and that Rave was curled under my computer desk as I write this. But I can't change what has happened, I am looking at this litter as a chance to have a niece of hers to help heal my heart and help fill that loss.
I'm so excited to meet these pups, I can hardly stand it!

Sire: Ch Carousel's Indigo Diamond
OFA good, OFA Elbows, CERF - Best Puppy in Sweeps 2001 ABMC National

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