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Banner on the left Promise on the right

Sire: CH Carousel's Stars and Stripes CA OFA Excellent hips, OFA normal elbows, OFA thyroid, OFA Cardiac CERF, DNA profiled CHIC click here for his OFA page

Dam: U-CD Ch. Promise des Ombres Valeureux CD RA CGC OFA Excellent hips, OFA Elbows, OFA Thyroid normal, OFA Cardiac GDC Stifle, CERF, DNA profiled, CHIC #14247 click here for her OFA page

It is about time! but the Sun Diary is now up! click HERE to go to page One!
UPDATED 10-12-07

The Sun litter is here!
6 males 4 females!

The following chart is for the Sun Pups

Birth Sequence Birth Data
# Collar
Sex Time of
Call name

Health Stats
Titles and accomplishments


OFA prelim Hips Excellent,
OFA prelim Elbows Normal
CERF normal

f 3:50pm 10.7oz

OFA Excellent Hips
OFA Normal Elbows
CERF Normal
Champion OA NAJ
m 4:23 11oz

OFA Excellent, OFA Elbows Normal

f 5:53pm 9.3oz




OFA Excellent, OFA Elbows Normal
CGC AKC Pointed

m 7:09pm 11.5oz

OFA Excellent Hips,
OFA Normal Elbows
Normal CERF

CGC AKC pointed

m 7:24pm 10.2oz


f 8:01pm 11.7oz


f 8:43pm 6.9oz


m 10:46pm 11.8oz

Sch 1 BN RN CGC AKC Pointed, one HT leg

The breeding between Banner and Promise was NOT an OOPS breeding. It is a breeding I had thought long and hard about, as it was my feeling that Banner was an exceptional puppy from an outstanding litter, my desire to follow through with this breeding continued to grow as Banner and his wonderful littermates started to grow up. I had been looking for the right Duc grandson to breed to Promise for a long time, and I feel far and away Banner is the best choice.

So why not wait until Banner is over 24 months? Promise turned 8 in April of 07 and had come off the Wild litter in fantastic shape. I decided to go ahead and submit prelim Hip and Elbow xrays on Banner late in March and continue to decide what I would do (He prelimed Hips Excellent and Elbows normal, his OFA Thyroid as well as CERF was also normal). When Promise came into season mid in May I was still wavering back and forth. I know there will be people that do not approve of a breeding on Prelims and this did weigh on me. However, I felt Banner was an exceptional choice and the dog I wanted to use. If I had waited for Promise's following season when Banner would be 24 months, Promise would be weaning her puppies as she turned 9 yrs old. I felt this is just too much to ask of her. I felt that 8 yrs old was the absolute limit in breeding her so it was now or never.

So what do I expect Banner and Promise to produce?
***Update at 4 weeks. I KNOW They are only baby puppies but I'm getting very excited, they are ALL tugging and most with deep full bites, they are very focused on their toys, even now trying keep them from their littermates. They are also all trotting vs. puppy bunny hopping, in the past this has been a great indication of good structure. I'm sort of amazed to see how body aware and how well they they trot around the yard. In short I'm VERY excited. I also see pups that are going to be A LOT of DOG. I expect there are going to be several puppies that would be very suitable for working sport homes. In short? I think at this point I may be getting exactly what I hoped for on a line breeding of Duc, but maybe even a bit MORE! It also apears that I may have at least 1 Terv puppy in this litter I should know for sure between 5-6 weeks of age.

As always pups need to be evaluated on their own merits. But am expecting forward environmentally confident puppies, puppies with strong character, social with people but territorial of their home. I expect exceptional structure; in fact this litter promises to have about the best depth of structure of any litter I have ever bred. The Sun litter will be the 3rd generation I have had of dogs evaluated by Mrs. Pat Hastings using the puppy puzzle program. I'm not just considering the sire and dam, but the sire's littermates and 12 aunts and uncles and his grandmother etc. Past evaluations of Promise's litters were also considered. I have been lucky enough that to Date since my first litter 10 yrs ago Pat Hastings has been available evaluate all my litters.

I am very interested in prospective performance homes that will also show dogs of quality in the breed ring. My goal is to have loving companion homes where suitable pups have titles on both ends of their name! (Breed Championship and performance titles) I am also looking for a few co-ownerships for this litter if you are interested in terms and expectations please do ask. I will be keeping breeding options on a few of the pups.

I would prefer that potential buyers travel out to me to pick up their puppies either by air or by car. In addition, given the recent trouble with airlines and cargo services shipping dogs I expect it will be rare that I will continue to ship puppies. I will do my best to accommodate out of town travelers as it means a lot to me for you to come pick up your pup. Over the years many buyers have flown out to pick up their puppies and the puppy has flown back in the cabin of the plane with their new owner with out incident.

Pedigree for for the Sun litter

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