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December 28th
Promise's first puppy was born at 4:04am! 7 pups total 4 boys and 3 girls, Promise had an easy whelping finished up with her last pup at 6:45am. The pups now all have individual pages the boys Red, White and Blue, Rainbow, Silver, Blue, and the girls, Red, Christmas and Black and White

Januray 3rd
Things are going well, Promise was a bit slow having her milk come in but we are now up and running well! I started the DEVELOPING HIGH ACHIEVERS a few days late, But I didn't see the need to add any stress until I felt the pups were all gaining weight well for a few days, and Promise's milk was coming in well.

Januray 5th
I'm now relaxing a bit with the puppies, after a bit of a slow start with Promise's milk the first few days ALL puppies had doubled their birth weight today! Acceptable puppy gains will have pups double birth weight from 7-10 days, and we are well with in that range. The smallest puppy Rainbow is still having one on one nursing time with Promise but just 1 time per day, I am really pleased with his progress!

Januray 9th
The pups continue to do well and today! The eyes have it, eyes on the pups are opening today!

Januray 13th
Last night I moved the puppies out of my bedroom and into my 2nd bedroom. They now have a small pen that is about 2.5' by 5'. The pups are getting more mobile and also finding their "voice" (smile) they have started to bark. Eyes have opened on all the puppies, but they are still not showing any notice to a sudden loud sound. This coming week they should gain their hearing. Even now I'm starting a noise CD that has sounds of babies crying, and other household, storm and outdoor noises. My "work" load also just increased as the pups are now going potty on their own, Promise does a great job at clean up, but there is only so much she can do for peeing puppies and bedding!
While the puppies have not yet learned to move away from their sleeping area to potty, but they will over the next several weeks.

Januray 14th
What a difference a day or two can make, the puppies are starting to hear! The pups continue to do very well. The puppies have had visitors, some of my good friends every few days. This coming weekend the number of visitors will increase.

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