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Dec 7, 2005

We have turned a corner on house training! the pups area is now set up with dog house (with a tunnel behind it) at one end and potty area at the other end. They have a blanket in front of their dog house - then a section of vinyl floor and then the furthest away from their house is newspaper and a potty pan - potty pan has news papers and some wood shavings in it to help convert then to be litter box trained. The pups are making very few errors on the sleeping side of their pen. The pups again followed me outside to eat breakfast - I clicked them and then went in to clean their pen, they spent the next 30 min or so playing outside it was great to be able to leave them a route to come back inside on their own - when I went to check on them they were all in their dog house and happy. My GOAL (I hope) will be to teach them to use the dog door by the time they are 6-7 weeks old - so they can go outside on their own to go potty when I'm not home, it will be easy to route them to the new puppy palace! (right now I just prop the back door open) this works find in cold but not frigid weather and fine when it is not raining!) I hope after work on Thurs/Friday I can finish getting the puppy palace set up (want to put a dog house, finish getting the stall mats down and some other play things!).

For those worried about the puppies out in the garage freezing to death LOL don't be concerned! I woke up once last night and looked at them through the kitchen door into the garage - Abby is sleeping in the dog house with her kids, 2 of the pups were up playing - mostly with Abby's head and ears -- she is a good mom but did look a bit tired! But that is baby puppies for you! need a good play session in the middle of the night!

Dec 8, 2005

Well the puppies were TRYING out their teeth last weekend, they NOW are skillfully using them! OUCH. Donna's litter with Abby was sweet LOL at 7 weeks when I saw them, they untied shoelaces with a bite here and there. THESE puppies are very dedicated to tugging and BITING. (I'm so glad there are just 5 LOL!) I can still sit on the floor with them but it takes some work if they are wide awake LOL

Dec 8, 2005 - more!

Yes another update on the puppies. When I got home for lunch I the cold wind had stopped the sun was out and with it so low in the sky the COVERED kennel was all in the sun! I decided to prop the door to the garage open so the puppies could go in and out yet in a safe secure yard with their mom. I think learning how to go in and out on their own will help this weekend why I try to teach them how to use the dog door. It all worked great! The pups had a nice 4-5 hours to be able to go in and our or do what they want, again all in the progress of using their brains AND learning how to be house trained. When I got home from work the fun didn't end and the pups went for a ride over to Gina's farm for a run in the field! A GREAT adventure the pups did a great job in the van and had FUN exploring the farm.

Dec 10, 2005

The pups had more visitors Friday night and again on Saturday! please forgive the poor quality of the pictures, I LOVE the sunny days but the sun is SO low in the sky my little camera has some trouble adjusting to it. First pictures are of the puppy palace!

Who said Sit and Spins were only for human kids! the pups give the Sit and Spin 2 paws up!

If you look close you can see the "ends" of a metal utility article!

Black/White boy ends up with the article from the pile!

But Orange escapes with the article and finds a private place in the yard

Brothers - today they were Kings of the metal article!

Green girl almost ready for a nap!

Dec 11, 2005

Wow it has taken me a week to get back to this page! pictures of the pups at 5.5 weeks old. The pups are getting more and more fun, and of course more and more work!

L-R Black and White boy and Orange Boy

L-R - Red/White/Blue girl, Purple girl, and Green girl.

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