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November 30, 2005

I think this week is the most fun!
The pups are 4 weeks old today.

Last night they had a sleep over (smile) well not really. I put them in the kitchen for a few hours after work, the situation worked so well I decided to let them sleep there over night! It makes PERFECT sense. The kitchen is about 2x the size of their puppy area so I was able to put yet more new toys in! Last night they went to sleep listening to dog show noise
One of the new toys for his litter is a "sit and spin" you know the toy they sell for little kids? Well I purchased one at a used baby store (not used baby LOL used baby THINGS) when the pups step on the base it moves! If I spin it, it makes a great noise and plays a song Not bad for 8.00.

All the pups are now picking things up with their mouths and tugging on bedding LOL gotta love Malinois puppies! It is great to see a puppy pick up a toy and RACE (and tumble) away with its prize.
Have I mentioned how much fun I'm having with a small Litter? Most he pups now come when called barking and wagging, it is pretty funny considering "I" have not started feeding them yet!

In the morning the pups went back to the 2nd bedroom and were listing to speech by Bush this morning as I left for work. I carried them today but I hope by the end of the week they will be making the way on their own!

The kitchen took about 10 min to tear down - bedding into washer and a quick wipe down of the floor. I think this set up will work well for sure, at least until the weekend when I get the garage set up. It is also MUCH easier because Abby is still cleaning up after them.

December 3, 2005

This morning the pups were weighed again, had their nails trimmed and were wormed. They also had their first set of individual pictures and their first meal out of a pan combined with a trip into the yard. Then with Ellen's help followed me back into the house, some even managing the stairs! - good puppies! Here are some pictures of the pups from today.

L-R Orange boy and Black/White boy

L-R Puprle girl, RWB girl, Green girl

Pups first meal from a pan! it was a smashing sucess (smile).

Orange boy --- it was a BIG afternoon!

December 4, 2005

The kitchen location will soon become a "indoor" play are and not their sleeping area (smile) pups barking again at 3am having a good ole time playing - I gave up and got up at 3:30 as I could not get back to sleep. NO problem on a weekend but will cause me problems during the work week! This morning the pups had their 2nd meal. This was exciting! I used the food processor to grind up their kibble - it was really LOUD and they were not sure at first what to think, then went on their way. They all handled it really well! It is great to see pups this age startle some then recover and move on like nothing happened. This was also their first "clicked" meal (I was too busy taking pictures to "click" their first meal yesterday!) Do go check out Karen Pryors article on the clicker trained litter "Clicker Litter". This is a wonderful web site and worth exploring!
Back to the puppies, I clicked as each puppy took their first lap in the pan and clicked when any pup returned and lapped in the pan. All I'm doing now and in the next week or 2 is "loading" the clicker. I want the pups to associate "click" means GOOD things and in their mind that is FOOD. Once I had clicked a few times I started up the food processor again for their meal tonight. They all ate right through it never seeming to notice all the racket. The pups will have more visitors this afternoon (4th day in a row), and the weather is supposed to be dry (although cold) so I'm hoping for another quick walk in the yard also. More later!

December 6, 2005

Yes amazing but true! The pups will be 5 weeks old on Wed! I'm now taking the pups outside (this week it might be cold but not raining) to eat their meals and for a bit of play time,,, and I'm not taking I'm calling them out. They then eat and do a round of potties play a bit and then make their way back inside.  I'm still loading the clicker, (clicking when they eat) they do however come really, really well to PUPPY PUPPY!!! And they follow pretty well also. so we take little walks around the yard. More pictures on the weekend, the short days are killing me as far as photo chances! Pictires just turn out so much nicer with real daylight!

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