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November 23, 2005

The Star pups turned 3 weeks old today! they had a fun day with visitors that played and snuggled with puppies. Shine ALSO got to spend time with the babies. Shine is the adult dog in the following pictures
Thanks to Laurie and Ryan for coming and playing with the puppies

Abby and her pups back in the puppy area

November 25, 2005

Their puppy area has now doubled in size, The pups got to visit with my dog training buddy Ellen again toay and my friend Eileen who has a puppy from Abby's first litter. Black and White pup enjoyig the Kitty-Condo

November 26/27, 2005

But the pups have been busy they had another puppy area remodel with the table for my stereo and a mirror. They have been listening to the sound socialization CD on my computer and now they have it on the stereo. They also get to enjoy rocking out to music of the 80s and talk radio along with classical station at night. They again had visitors on Saturday and go to go see new people on Sunday - yes, their first car ride since they were very young! Last night they came into the living room – had a nice meal (thanks Abby) and watched Charlie and the Chocolate factory and enjoyed having company over. Today – they had their first car ride! We were gone for about an hour they rode in a vari kennel on our way to go pick up DVDs and a wire crate in the back on the van on the way home. I was very pleased how the pups did, I really don't think they anything being "different". Once home they all had about 2-3 min out on the grass it was cold so not long, but their NOSES were working and they were very interested! Then back “home”. Gosh Wed they will be 4 weeks old! I was SO glad to have 5 days off! Most of the following pictures are from 11-27-05

Getting back from their first car ride

The 2 boys

Purple and RWB

Black and White boy

Green girl from 11-26

Purple girl - going places - well at least to see what is on the lower part of the table and to see the puppy in the mirror.

Red White and Blue girl

Orange boy

November 28, 2005

Well when I got home this afternoon (smile) the barrier for the puppy area was "open" I don't know how, I'm thinking Abby knocked it open.  I don't know if the pups went exploring but they were all back sound asleep in their sleeping area.
While the big dogs were eating I let the pups out to play in the office and play with me.  Everyone came out - well one held back a bit that pup was picked up and over and could play with me on the floor - the pups were pretty darn bold so I figured it was time for our first walk.  So out of the office and into the hallway around the corner, through the dinning area and into the kitchen! Purple girl made it there w/o any assistance, everyone else got some help on their way.  Once in the kitchen they discovered a pan that had been cleaned by the adult dogs (still smelled good!) and then I let Abby in to feed her brood. Then we made the walk BACK to the puppy pen ahhaah - this went a bit faster as we had Abby (aka the "milk bar") to help us! Pups also had a metal pan and with metal spoon BANGED over their heads in the puppy area - (something I had been doing for the last week or so) this is an age when one wants to startle them some and let them recover. The pups no longer even startle. The sound CD is up loud now - the pups don't seem to notice.
The pups are close to starting food, They are also getting ready for a bigger play area! I think I will puppy proof the kitchen for some regular play time this week and get moving on getting the kennel run in the garage set up by the weekend.  I think at night we are all ready for them to have MORE space to play and bark (smile) and have a good ole time.
I'm working hard on how to make sure we have the Rules of Sevens done in the next 4 weeks - - some areas we are well under way!

THE RULES OF SEVENS By the time a puppy is 7 weeks old (end of seven weeks) it should have:

BEEN ON 7 different surfaces: Carpet Concrete Wood Vinyl Grass Dirt Gravel Wood Chips Newspaper Etc.
-- This we have done great! so far and I expect the pups will have been on more like 12 surfaces!

PLAYED WITH 7 different types of objects: Big Balls Small Balls Soft Fabric Toys Fuzzy Balls Squeaky Toys Metal Items Wooden Items Paper/Cardboard Items Milk/Soda Jugs Etc.
-- they are just starting to play with things, but again no problem - we should surpass 7 in this area also.

BEEN IN 7 different locations: Front Yard Back Yard Basement Kitchen Car Garage Laundry Room Bathroom Crate Kennel Etc.
-- Again something they do a good job at so far have been in Bedroom, 2nd bedroom - hall way/kitchen, 2 different crates in the van and the front yard! with MUCH more to come (and they will not be 4 weeks until Wed LOL)

BEEN EXPOSED to 7 challenges: Climbed a box Climbed off a box Go thru a tunnel Climbed up steps Climbed down steps Climbed over obstacles Played hide & seek Go in & out doorway with a step Etc.
-- I have not started this much but I will say having pups that are not 4 weeks old follow you is a bit of a challenge! More will come in this area in the weeks to come, I'm a firm in the thought that you don't do anything for a puppy that it can do for itself!

EATEN FROM 7 different containers: Metal Plastic Cardboard Paper China Pie Plate Frying pan Etc.
-- well they are not eating yet LOL but we will take care of this in the coming weeks.

EATEN IN 7 different locations: Crate Yard Kitchen Basement Laundry room Bathroom X-pen Etc.
-- does nursing count!

MET AND PLAYED WITH 7 new people: including children & the elderly
-- work here needs is going well, big issue will be MEN and kids! I wonder if my parents now count as the elderly!  I need to get visitors "booked" for the weekend this will be a fun weekend for puppies as they are really ready for MORE stuff.

This is a great page! to check out also http://www.clickersolutions.com/blog/index.htm I'm excited to start feeding the puppies as this will be my first true start to finish clicker trained litter. My goal will be the pups all to have a trick! learned by the time they go home.

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