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Litter Diary - page 7
We are now 6 weeks old!

Dec 16, 2005

The pups went for a short car ride over to Gina's where they played in the field and played with a 12 week Golden Ret puppy.

Dec 17, 2005

The pups had a fantastic day! We went to a Christmas party, fun match of sorts at a private training building. The pups had a 2 hour ride in the van to the event, and we came directly home for a 1 hour drive - dry crates coming and going! At the match they had their own expen area with huge mirrors on 2 sides of their pen. They saw many breeds of dogs and were LOVED on by many people needing puppy fixes! I was thrilled with how the pups did, they seemed to think this play time at Cindy's was just a normal event! After a 3 hour visit we came home. All pictures from today were taken at at Cindy's training building - sorry some are dark! we were more busy visiting and should have taken more pictures! The pups could use an offical photographer.
Pups in their expen at the party.

BW boy and RWB girl with Ellen!

Below are their 6 and half week old pictures

L-R Black and White boy and Orange Boy

L-R - Red/White/Blue girl, Purple girl, and Green girl.

Dec 18, 2005

I have survived the last few weeks working full time, today and Tuesday I'm only working ˝ days and starting Wed will be off work until the 3rd of January! During the next 7 days the pups will have their first vaccine and microchip and have a CERF exam and some more structured temperament observations. The pups will be 7 weeks old on Wed, it is time to see how we have done on the rule of Sevens! So here is the update.
We have a little over a week to finish things up.

THE RULES OF SEVENS By the time a puppy is 7 weeks old (end of seven weeks) it should have:

BEEN ON 7 different surfaces: Carpet Concrete Wood Vinyl Grass Dirt Gravel Wood Chips Newspaper Etc.
-- Okay pups have been on! Grass, Dirt, Straw, Shavings, newspaper, vinyl flooring, wood flooring, cement, rubber stall type mats, rubber ramp, wood, plastic, PVC (tunnel), bath mat, metal grate, metal e-pen, footing that move below them (sit and spin) They have also been up and down carpeted stairs (4 steps) - oh and ICE - thanks to some recent weather!

PLAYED WITH 7 different types of objects: Big Balls Small Balls Soft Fabric Toys Fuzzy Balls Squeaky Toys Metal Items Wooden Items Paper/Cardboard Items Milk/Soda Jugs Etc.
-- gosh, we have toys that talk and make sounds, soft toys, metal items they can pick up, cloth toys they can tug, toys that make loud noises, pop bottles, paper and cardboard items, plastic items they can play on and carry, rubber tire, rubber toys, cardboard boxes, slides, a bin full of pop bottles, sit and spin, rocking plastic crib, tunnel, mirrors.

BEEN IN 7 different locations: Front Yard Back Yard Basement Kitchen Car Garage Laundry Room Bathroom Crate Kennel Etc.
-- Lets see, all the rooms in the house except the bathroom We will do that next,! They have been in the entire front and back yard, they have 'Lived” in both bedrooms, kitchen and garage, they have a remodel of sorts at least 1x a week. They have been to a friend's field to play. They have had 6 car rides one as long as 2 hours they have been in wire and plastic crates, they went to an open house/fun match and played in an xpen.

BEEN EXPOSED to 7 challenges: Climbed a box Climbed off a box Go thru a tunnel Climbed up steps Climbed down steps Climbed over obstacles Played hide & seek Go in & out doorway with a step Etc.
-- Again, I'm a firm in the thought that you don't do anything for a puppy that it can do for itself! So they have had slick footings, stood on unsteady items, tunnels, dog door, steps (up and down) followed me in a strange place, played in a bin of pop bottles etc.

EATEN FROM 7 different containers: Metal Plastic Cardboard Paper China Pie Plate Frying pan Etc.
-- lets see – metal pan (round and square), eaten alone and in a group, been fed by hand alone and in a group, eating from bin of bottles! Rocking plastic toy crib, sauce pan. More to do here I think.

EATEN IN 7 different locations: Crate Yard Kitchen Basement Laundry room Bathroom X-pen Etc.
-– alone and in groups, in car crate, outside, indoor pen, kitchen, bedroom, at a open house/fun match.

MET AND PLAYED WITH 7 new people: including children & the elderly
they have met well over 7 people I would say more like 20 people, mostly woman young and old! but a child and a few men – smokers and non smokers!

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