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Feb 4th

This morning a couple from Burns, OR LaDonna and her husband John came to meet the dogs and play with puppies - it was a good visit.
That afternoon Laurie, her mom, and nephew Ryan came and played with puppies!
The pups saw men women, young and old today!

Feb 5th

Not a big day for the puppies but Laurie and my friend Tamara came over to play and clicker train the pups. Laurie also helped me bleach/water/scrub down the puppy palace.
Weather is still fantastic, but rain is back in the forecast.
Promise is at a difficult stage about nursing her puppies and thinking about weaning them. She has taken it upon herself TO offer kibble she has eaten to her pups! instead of nursing them.
Otherwise all is well, the pups still look like engorged ticks

Feb 6th

The updates from this point forward get harder and harder. the pups are more demanding and they push my stress level more! And I try my best to keep the visitors coming! it all takes time.
this morning was pretty much screaming puppies, this is a hard week both because puppies start to have "ideas" and Promise is toying with weaning them.
Tonight they did go for a car ride about a hour total.
Wed night they are coming along to my obed class! they will be set up in an xpen on a tarp while we have class. CJ will be the puppy entertainer! THANKS CJ and Laurie! Click here. to see pictures of the pups at our Wed night obed class.

Feb 11th

Eileen Espe stopped by to see the pups after the show today, her dog Riley (Titus/Abby puppy) also got a chance to see the puppies, he was NOT sure they were human, I mean dog. But he was a very good boy but he figured they could just keep their distance, they got bored and went back to sleep in the turtle.
Donna Haworth and Kay Johnson (Raf's owner) also came by after the show and had fun visiting with the puppies.

Feb 12th

Sunday - Mike and Christine came by today to play with puppies and we also took pictures of the puppies in the puppy palace. To see pictures of their fun click here.

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