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Januray 27th

Today was a busy day for the puppies and a busy day for Laurie and I!
First this morning Mike, Christine and Heather Mysti's owners came down to play with the puppies! Chairs were given to Christine and Heather. But I made Mike sit on the floor and play with puppies - he was an AWESOME puppy play thing!
George, a neighbor came over to pick something up later in the afternoon and he also visited with the puppies.
My folks also came down about noon and helped with some house chores.
Laurie came up and we cleaned out the garage and puppy palace. Toys are now in the puppy palace and the garage is set up with a 12' x 5' puppy pen with an AWESOME litter box that Laurie made! Laurie has also made a new potty box for the 5'x5' pen in the 2nd bedroom.
Anyway, it was a COOL crisp windy day but the sun was beating in on the puppy palace so we put the pups out with Promise for a few hours and we put the Sherpa that Melinda sent out with them. They did play for what for baby puppies was a LONG time but then crashed.
When I went out to check them all but Silver were in the Sherpa bag! yes 6 puppies. So since the pups average about 4 lbs each LOL one then reach to say you could put a 24lb puppy in the bag eheheheheh JUST kidding!

It was a busy day!
Pups are sleeping in the house again tonight but they did spend about 90 min in the garage pen tonight for their dinner and a nap while I cleaned and aired out the puppy pen in the 2nd bedroom. I want to make sure they know there way around and we are supposed to have a another very cold night. (cold for us!)

Januray 28th

High lights for Sunday
The Pups spent their first major time in the garage puppy pen Sunday morning when I went to Costco. They lived and were tucked into the dog house when I got home.
It was another clear and dry day so from about 11:30am until 5:30pm Sunday afternoon the pups were in the puppy palace or yard.
CJ and friend Suzanne came and visited with the pups for about 90 min Sunday early afternoon, and about 45 min after they left Julie and Mark spent about 2 hours with the puppies! So the pups had a full afternoon.
The pups and big dogs had lots of fun with visitors - the weather is DRY but cold - so pups are getting a good deal of time outside (yahoo).

Januray 29th

Pups slept in the garage last night, it was par for my sleeping (sigh) about 2:30am the pups had a MAJOR fit! screaming and yelling that woke me up (this is one reason I like winter litters! people next door are not sleeping with windows open!). They were hungry and Promise didn't think they needed to be fed - I checked her, she was packed with milk, directed her INTO the puppy pen and then I had happy pups.
So starting to night they will get a LATE meal about 9-10pm in case Promise decides she has better things to do LOL - those working moms!
Monday PM
Yup we took a quick ride to go to the post office and back! they did great! very few complaints dry crate!

Feb 2nd

Last night was my monthly obed club meeting, so heck, they did a 10 min car ride on Monday and did FINE. A yard scoop with them outside last night suggested most if not all have good "poops" (you ask why the poop obsession) lots of things can cause puppies to have loose stools, too much food, coccidea, worms, stress etc.) but a puppy with LOOSE stool is not a happy puppy! I only want the best as I can determine HAPPY puppies going for car rides.
A 25 mile each way drive plus the 90 min or so meeting would be a BIG step up.
The pups were in the puppy palace, and I wanted to set them down in the front yard to go potty before I loaded up (our routine) they were following so nice I let them follow me to the front yard figuring I could go back and get any stragglers. NOPE - they all made it! I scooped them over the picket fence but of course lost count on who had gone potty, Oh well. I loaded up 3 pups in one crate and 4 in another. A few chewies and toys and off we went.
All started quiet, until I got on my cell phone and they heard my voice then a pup or 2? started to cry, this is something we will need to work on. Once I was quiet and the radio was on, they were quiet!
NOTE TO WAITING PUPPY BUYERS - try a soft radio when you take your pup home and are starting crate training, NOTE to the people picking up pups! make sure we remember this for the pups here at the house! Thes pups are very conditioned to having the TV or Radio on.
After the meeting we put down an expen and let the puppies out (note it is about 30 degrees) we had about 5 club members to snuggle puppies for about 10 min then loaded everyone up and made the trip home.
Again, when I was talking on the cell phone one puppy just pitched a FIT, as soon as I was quiet, I mean 15 or 20 seconds of radio LOL the pup was quiet!
No poops in the crate and bedding was also dry!
We got home, got the adult dogs fed. At 11pm got up and fed the pups, Promise had nursed them about 9 and had NO Interest in going back out, she also didn't have much milk in that 3 hours? I think she is starting to dry up a bit. So I have now dramatically upped their food. Between the 7 pups are eating 1 cup of kibble 4 times a day. And last night there was NO 2-3am scream fest! I woke up with my alarm at 4:30.
My theory, puppies that are NOT hungry, and puppies that have GOOD poops are happy puppies, this should not be a surprise for me! But I seem with a lack of sleep to be a bit of a slow learner!
When I got up the pups were AWAKE playing! - not screaming for food! I got their food ready. Tried sending promise out, she said NO WAY am I feeding these sharks, they were screaming once they saw her! (got to love that at almost 5am)
I went out with pan of food and kept pushing the fence they were jumping up on that would put them off balance until they were all sitting! Who la! CLICK and down went the food pan! Once they were done eating THEN Promise was willing to nurse them.
As I started this note this morning the garage pen is cleaned and set up again, the pups are here in the puppy pen next to the computer and have just started to crash and take a nap, 1 load of puppy laundry is in the washer and one in the dryer!
it is almost 6am I'm on track? well pretty close to jump into the shower and start getting ready for work.

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