The Wild Litter Diary, page 4 

Januray 22nd
My mom came down this afternoon, the weather was great so the pups had their first trip outside and and of course the milk wagon came too!

Then back inside to play some more. The puppies really are becoming much more active with each other playing and learning doggie social skills.

Januray 23rd
Morning - Since I was up at 4:00 (nice way of saying the puppies were being noisy and not letting me sleep). I decided that at about 4:30 might as well get up! Once I was up I decided I might as well strip down the puppy pen for a good cleaning.
So pups were put into the kitchen with Promise and I cleaned up. This was the first trip for the pups into the kitchen so they got a chance to explore there.
I think they did pretty well exploring so I figured they could walk back to the 2nd bedroom! and their puppy pen, and since I was worried about the baby gate falling on them I just laid it down - meaning they would need to walk through it! (typical pressure mounted with plastic squares). So I took the baby gate down in the kitchen and called them! Between Promise's presence and my calling they did it! They all walked through the dining room, into the little hallway and past the furnace that had kicked on, around the corner OVER the baby gait, and into the 2nd bedroom (their path was like a U). I was pretty impressed! They were tucked in by 6am and I switched gears to get ready for work!
I think a good "rule" so to speak with puppies and dogs for that matter not just when they are HERE but when they go home; don't do things FOR them that they can do themselves. It DID take much longer to have them walk on their own but they also got to learn and I get to watch how they handled things! I really do think this is very good for not even 4 weeks.

Tuesday afternoon
Laruie and her nephew Ryan came to play with the puppies after work today.

Januray 26th
The weather is nice here today so when I got home at lunch I dumped the 1/2 cup of kibble into the food processor, put out a blanket in the back yard in the sun, ran hot water, put kibble into the dish, got Promise her lunch, covered both dishes in hot water, took puppy food out to the yard then got the puppies 3 trips! (one load had 3 pups) As they ate I let the other dogs out into the dog yard, scooped the dog yard and did a quick tidy up of the puppy pen. When pups were done I watched them exploring, I really was pretty impressed with how well they are getting around and how much exploring they are doing. So when it was time to put them back in the house so I could dash back to work I figured I would see how far back to the bedroom they could get! First hurdle up 1/4 step into the puppy palace and over the kennel panel rail. Then through the puppy palace around a dog house and other stuff, over another kennel panel rail and down a 1/2 step then about 12' -15' to the garage door! They really did pretty well! Rainbow made it all the way into the garage!!! What a little trooper! (and further than anyone else!)

Januray 26th
Black and White girl has taken the role of the climber (smile) she has crawled out of the tall side of the bottom of the 300 crate they are using for a bed, onto the step stool then with some consideration down the the growd. Last night she was on top of the kitty condo!

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