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DOB 11-2-05

Black and White Boy

AKA - Moons and Stars

Ch Carousel's Star Attraction UD RN TT CGC
Spring/Summer 2009 his first CD leg a 196 and run off for HIT, 2nd leg a 199.5 and run off winning High in Trial!!!!!, 3rd leg a 198.5 in a 3 way run off for HIT

"Parker" is owned and loved by Ann and Rich Blashford

Parker and Ann finished his Championship in FINE style with 2, 5 point Majors!

Parker at 16 months

Parker at 9 months

Parker (6 months) and Holly planning a trip????

3 and a half months

8 1/2 weeks old

7 1/2 weeks old

6 1/2 weeks old

5 1/2 weeks old

5 and half week with a metal utility article

4 1/2 weeks old

3 1/2 weeks old

3 1/2 weeks old

3 weeks old

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