GCh DC Turicks Black Jack HSXsd AX MXJ OF
Multiple Group Placing
OFA Good Hips, OFA Normal Elbows CERF, OFA Cardiac normal
dob June 6, 2007
Jack's pedigree

Owner - Lynne Wetherell
Breeder co-owner - Carolyn Kaiser
For more info on Jack contact Carolyn Kaiser - turickmals@gmail.com

Jack sired my
'Easy' Litter Feb 6, 2010

South litter born Sept 21st 2010

Jack Fall 2009

Sept 08
15 months old

Jack doing Agility with his owner

Jack Herding with his owner Summer 09



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Info on Jack and his siblings
Please remember this is a YOUNG litter dob June of 2007!! what they have done already is amazing.

Jack and littermates, Cash, Skyler & Ace all got their PT's at the ABMC National in 4'08 at 10 months of age

Jack finished his CH at just under 10 months of
age with 6 majors, also a 1st in BBE herding group 1 and several BOB's, all from BBE

Sister Cash finished her CH at just under 9 months with  4 majors, all from BBE

Sister Skyler also finished her CH with 4 majors, several BOB's and a PUPPY HERDING Group 1,  finished from puppy and BBE

Sister Dice is pointed from puppy class

Jack's first agility trial was April '09, 2nd in May, 3rd in July, 4th in Sept and he finished his AX and AXJ at his 5th agility trial the end of October/ 1st weekend in November, making him eligible for his ROM I at 28 months of age!

Jack's 1st herding TRIAL (not test) was Feb '09 and 2nd in May of '09 where he finished his HSAs

Sister Cash has been a bit busier in the herding and not as much agility as her brother...
Cash finished her WTCH (ASCA working trial Championship, only the 2nd CH Malinois to do so, dam Devan is first) in four weekends at 21 months of age.  She finished her HSA on cattle in 2 weekends, her HSA on ducks and sheep also in 2 weekends with a RHIT and a HIT.  She finished her HIA ducks and sheep, also in just 2 weekends with six first places.  She has 1 advanced duck leg as well, all before the age of two.
Cash also has her AX, AXJ and XF

Sister Skyler also got her HSAs in 2 weekends and is in Open agility

Brother ACE was RWD at the ABMC National in '08 from the 9-12 puppy class and also has his RN as well as his PT and TD.