The Time Litter

First why Pasha and Promise?

Promise was my 2nd Malnois out of Duc from Les Ombres Valeureux.
Her mother Feline was 9 yrs old when Promise as born and it was her last litter.
I value Promise for who she is as well as her pedigree. Promise is an amazingly
stable smart dog. I value her common sense, and her fast and pushy attitude.
She is very social with invited guests and friends but protective of her home and
car when I'm not around. I chose Pasha for Promise because he was also a very
sensible dog, a ball playing fool and very easy to live with.
Pasha has 2 littermates (not yet 5 yrs old) with TDXs, another with advanced agility.
Littermates also have herding titles and are breed Champions. I was lucky enough
to have Pasha at the house for a bit over 2 weeks. It was great to get to know him
and see how well he handled himself. I'm VERY excited about this litter. This will
be Promise's 2nd litter, first born Feb 21, 2002 the "Talk" Litter.
I'm thrilled with Promise's first litter and can't wait to see how these pups turn out

Why Time???

I had tried to breed Promise on 2 other heats when breedings had not taken.
The Time litter is DUE the same weekend my "Silver" litter heads
to their homes. So thoughts like, Perfect timing? its about TIME! 3rd TIME is a charm?
all came to mind! Back in 2000, I had attempted a litter with Promise's 1/2 sister Journey.
I had also used the TIME theme for this litter. The breeding did not result in any
pups but I had always loved the theme.

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