Spring 2002 Litter
"Talk litter" Theme names
this list of possible names is just a start

Carousel's Talk of the Town
Carousel's Money Talks
Carousel's Smooth Talker
Carousel's look who's Talk'n
Carousel's Talk is Cheap
Carousel's Everybody's Talking
Carousel's Jive Talkin'
Carousel's Fast Talker
Carousel's Talk To Me
Carousel's Talk Show
Carousel's Small Talk
Carousel's Back Talk
Carousel's Double Talk
Carousel's Sweet Talkin'
Carousel's Something to Talk about
Carousel's Now your Talkin'
Carousel's Too much Talking
Carousel's Talks too much
Carousel's Keep on Talking
Carousel's People will Talk
Carousel's Talking Pictures
Carousel's Start Talkin'
Carousel's You Talkin To Me?
Carousel's CyberTalker
Carousel's I'll Talk, You Listen
Carousel's Talk about Luck
Carousel's Talk about Nerve
Carousel's Sweet Talkin' Guy
Carousel's Talk like a Lady
Carousel's Loose Talk
Carousel's Enough Talk
Carousel's Can we Talk?
Carousel's Street Talk
Carousel's wana Talk about me
Carousel's Don't Talk Back
Carousel's Talking up a Storm
Carousel's Keep on Talk'n
Carousel's Happy Talk
Carousel's Talkin' Blues
Carousel's Pillow Talk

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