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Litter Diary - page 9
We are now 8 weeks old!

Dec 28, 2005

Temperament testing today, 9 people gathered for this event, I was really pleased with how the litter did, but it is also true I'm starting to get some puppies that I just don't know how I will part with!

Dec 29 and 30, 2005

More out of town visitors and Laurie and Ryan came for a visit again!

"purple girl" aka "Wishes" and Ryan

Dec 31, 2005

Structure evaluation with Pat Hastings was today, I'm really pleased. All the pups have structure that should make them suitable for show and performance homes this does not happen very often! I'm now torn I really want to keep 2 of the puppies, this is the complete WRONG thing to do!

Jan 2, 2005

RWB now known as Zenith "Carousel's Pole Star"
goes home with Barb Benner WA state!

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