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November 9, 2005 - Today we turn 1 week old!

The pups all gained good weight and feel really good and strong. Here are pictures from today

November 10, 2005

Here are the pups morning pictures for today! Notice Abby has now put 2 toys in the kiddy pool for her pups to play with, I hate to break the news to her that they don't play with toys yet. Oh well Abby plays with them.

More from 11-10 - Abby has added a 3rd toy to her puppy area!

Below is a precious picture of Orange boy

November 11, 2005

Yes Abby has put a 4th toy into the puppy area, what silly girl! Abby was out eating breakfast when I took this photo.

And yes Abby is funny she does NOT think these toys are babies, she knows they are toys, most often she will take one of the toys out of the box and play with it in the bedroom biting and being wild and silly. She will then look at her pups, and take it back into the puppy area and lay down continuing to play but with less vigor. Promise was like this also, she is the only other girl I have had that will with great purpose, take toys into her puppy area, gotta love em!

November 14, 2005

Pictures from this morning the 2 boys, 3 girls and the group having breakfast.

November 15, 2005

A picture of Red White and Blue girl

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