June 18, 2008
We mourn the loss of Danny
After almost 5 yrs with us Danny died at 14 yrs of age, June 18, 2008. We miss him terribly, like his sire, he was doing fantastic for a 14 yr old dog. Danny even went for a 2 mile walk the day he died. Bless his heart, he was happy and in apparent good health for a dog of his age until the hours before he died. My parents are heartbroken and devastated by his loss, this son of O'Neill had won their hearts; a friend and companion of their hearts.

Danny chasing Shine, New Years day 2004

Danny coming up behind Promise!

Danny has now lived with us for 5 months, he reminds us so much of his father O'Neill, it feels like he has always lived here!.

Below Danny the day I picked him up from the airport

pictured on 8-1-03
Sir-Prize at Carousel
CKC registered as Klaar Chef d'Oeuvre
DOB 4-21-94 - 6-18-08
Belg Am Ch O'Neill van Balderlo CQN, HS, HCT, JHD, CGC, (s.92 B & s.93 T)
Mira van Balderlo
Danny is also a full litter brother to Traveler

Danny was rescued from the Calgary shelter after a month long stay. His breeder was unable to take him because of some legal concerns. He said he was networking to assist finding a home for him. However, when I heard about this boy, I could not let him stay one more night in the shelter. In a matter of 48 hours from me learning of this sweet son of O'Neill he was on a plane heading to his new and forever home with me and my family. I did not own O'Neill when this litter was bred, but I would not be able to rest at night until his son was out of the shelter. Thanks to Colleen and Heather for helping our sweet boy get to his forever home.

Watch for more pictures of our sir-prize! As he gains weight, gets back into coat and gets his long nails trimmed back!
I'm so glad he is home!


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