Here are some of the "Rumor" pups

Pictured at 10 months Left and at 6 weeks on the right;
CT Carousel's Triumphant Rumor CD, JHD, CGC owned by Diane Muzzey

at 11 weeks on the left, Carousel's Electrifying Rumor owned by Hellen Raseman;
On the right Carousel's Amazing Rumor at 15 months - owned by Catherine Shields.

At 8 months on the left and 13 months center, and right "Carousel's Sovereign Rumor, TD"

Mushka and her owner Adia winter 1998

Savannah and Mushka, with Savannah's owner Valerie

Carousel's Raphael Rumor and his "kitty" at 6 months of age.

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