Welcome to Carousel's newest Addition
she is NOT a Malinois!
she is a Mudi!
a small herding breed from Hungary!

Királytanyai Pipacs

DOB 8-26-07
OFA Normal Elbows MDI EL 19F24-VPI
CERF passed MD-115
OFA Patella Normal MDI-PA1/13F/P-PI
OFA Thyroid Normal MDI-TH1/13F-PI
MDR1 Normal/Normal
Poppy is the first Mudi to have an OFA number for Thyroid and Patella
Poppy is 17" tall and 25#
she has all her teeth, and a nice scissors bite

I have had many people ask me in the past year if I plan to breed Poppy. I honestly hope the answer is YES! Read I HOPE SO!
There is even a male I'm watching who so far has passed all his health checks and is earning AKC titles, so what am I waiting for? Poppy as well as this male need to get OLDER! Why older? BIG reasons for this breed!

the reason is SEIZURES!!!!!!!!

Mudi owners in the US are very aware that there is a problem with Seizures in the Mudi population.
This is even MORE tragic in a breed with such a small gene pool.

So I am taking a page from other breeders that have dealt with seizure issues in their breed. Some of these heartbreaks that have encountered Mudi could have been avoid if people would just slow down and not breed dogs SO YOUNG!
If the problems were are hearing about are as bad as they seem I see NO REASON, and consider it risky to breed any Mudi prior to 4 yrs old.
I have NO Plans to breed Poppy prior to 4 yrs old and likely her first litter would be closer to 5 yrs old if at that time I still view her as a dog that has something to offer the breed. There are some GOOD breeders out there and I would be happy to direct anyone looking.

But expect to WAIT for the right puppy and the right breeder, be picky!
For the most part the Mudi population in this country is VERY young. Many people I know who are thinking about breeding are doing as I am and taking a "wait and see" attitude. Waiting for their dog to grow up, earning titles ENJOYING their dog. I see NO REASON to rush out and breed a litter with the risks of seizures in this breed seem to be higher than normal. TIME will help sort out how serious this problems is!
And time is something we ALL have.

I speak ONLY for myself, I strongly believe that people have the right to make choices and I will not judge them for it.

Click Here the web page for Poppy's breeder
Thank you Tibi for letting this special girl come to the USA
IF Poppy passes all her health checks and continues to mature so nicely, and is healthy there may be puppy plans in the next 2-3 yrs will not breed Poppy prior to 4 yrs, if she continues to cycle at ever 10 months it "could" be the first season after she turns 4 as long as there is a suitable healthy male that meets my expecations for health, type and temperament.

The Following are some pictures of Poppy with her first 2 exposures to sheep!

Taken November 2008
Poppy is very much out of coat in these pictures

Poppy's 2nd exposure to sheep about 3 weeks later
working with my herding instructor Trudy Vickund for the first time,
thanks Trudy!

Pictures below were taken at about 7 months
look at me!!

I'm very cute!

Here I go!
time for FUN!!!!!
I think these next few pictures are the essence of Poppy!

I'm VERY tired

Bye for now!

Poppy is growing up! pictured at almost 6 months and at her first fun match!

Poppy is growing up! pictured at almost 5 months at the Rose City Cluster watching agility

Photo's of Poppy by Jozsef Molnar
at 11 weeks

Click Here the web page for Poppy's breeder
Thank you Tibi for letting this special girl come to the USA
The following pictures of Poppy's sire and dam are NOT My pictures, they are owned by Poppy's breeder from his web page. PLEASE do not take them!
Her sire Királytanyai Fokos

her dam Kámáncspuszta Bodri "Borzi"

The web page of Poppy's breeder click Here for Királytanyai Mudi Kennel

For more information about Mudi in the USA go to the Mudi Club of American web page

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