Carousel Malinois Present
"Eclipse" Litter

Moonquest Solar Flare RN (LARRY)
GCH Carousel's Western Skye (SKYE)

The puppies arrived 3-30-2018
4 boys and 4 girls
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Puppy info below pictures of Larry and Skye...


Moonquest Solar Flar RN (LARRY)

OFA Excellent, OFA Elbows Normal, OFA Thyroid Normal, OFA eyes Pending

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Debbi Sholes is Larry's owner - she is a longtime Malinois owner and Breeder.

What Debbi has to say about Larry and what she loves about him "Let's see what I love about Larry. Well just about everything. He is a smart, stable and energetic boy who is also funny, sweet and kind. One of my other dogs (not a malinois) is going through a rough patch with his health. Larry is just so sweet with him, okay he won't share his tennis ball but he is very gentle. Quick learner, with very little teaching he is a natural at nosework. We are working on titling in that area. If I could find CAT runs for him he would excel there as well."

GCH Carousel's Western Skye (SKYE)

OFA Good, OFA Elbows Normal, OFA Advanced Cardiac, OFA eyes normal
CHIC #122060

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What Laurie loves about Skye. Well she is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever owned. She is kind to the cats and ignores the chickens. But she knows how to kill a rodent. I love she is a rodent killer. She will continue her agility career once puppies are done. I learned a lot showing Skye. She started and finished her championship and grand championship with limited showing in six months. She also gave me my first Owner Handler group win.

She is a wonderful dog to live with. I love she runs to bed at night to get her spot before anyone can get there. She is a great car rider, I often find her in her crate in the car waiting to go.

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Sex Call name
Health related stats
Rose Girl  
Noble aka Red-white-blue Boy  
Merlot boy      
Tulip aka Pink girl      
Cedar aka green Boy      
Spruce aka Teal Boy      
Iris aka Purple Girl      
Daisy - aka yellow Girl      


Why Larry and Skye

This is our fist litter in 5 years! We are very excited to bring Larry and his pedigree into our breeding program. We looked far and wide for a sire for Skye's pups. We chose Larry because we felt he had excellent qualities of a dog with good working abilities and pedigree and still has very good breed type! He is a house dog like all our dogs yet a willing and easy to engage partner!

Laurie and I drove to California December of 2017 to meet Larry in person. He was everything we hoped for. Social and stable yet dedicated to his owner Debbi. Larry LOVES to play ball he was easy to engage and focus.

Skye is one of the very special O'Neill Cayenne puppies, She is so easy to be around like Larry good with other dogs. When she visits my house she fits in with our group with ease, she would be an excellent chore dog if she lived with me! She is easy and kind around our farm animals; big or small, young or old, yet she deadly on rodents!! (she is the perfect farm dog)

We are excited to welcome social and stable puppies that will be fun performance, show and companion dogs. We are currently taking reservations for this litter. Before heading to their homes all puppies will be Microcipped, temperament tested using Positive Puppy Preview, have structural evaluation by Pat Hastings, have their first OFA eye exams and first vaccine.

Puppies from this litter are being raised using the Puppy Culture program.Puppy Culture if you are not familiar with this program I suggest researching! If you don't end up with a puppy from me, do find a breeder that uses these practices so each puppy has the best possible start. Also none of our puppies are shipped in cargo, be prepared to come pick up your puppy!

Over the past decade placing puppies I found the best matches happen when an owner has a chance to pick up their puppy. I want each puppy in a home that the owner and puppy are sure is a match!!! At the very least I will narrow down appropriate puppies based on our evaluation, this helps ensure you get the puppy for your lifestyle and the puppy gets a home it has the temperament and structure to excel. Malinois are eager puppies most will try to do anything you ask even if it is not in their best interest, that is why I do so co much evaluation I want to be sure the puppy is the right puppy for your lifestyle and expectations. When you come to pick up a puppy and if you don't feel like it was what you were expecting I don't want you to take the puppy home! No harm I want each puppy and its prospective owner to have a happy long partnership!

We do our best to raise wonderful puppies and will challenge you the owner to pick up where we left off to raise a wonderful canine citizen. We will provide or direct you to educational resources. We offer owners a support community with the other puppy owners of Carousel Malinois as well as your puppies litter-mates. We use Facebook as an easy way to keep connected as well as an email group.

WHY the Eclipse litter? What does that mean? All puppies in this litter will have Eclipse as part of their name! We chose the eclipse litter theme since the 2nd breeding for this litter happened the night of super moon and lunar eclipse in January, and as it turned out were born on the night of a Blue Moon!!!

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