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"The years before this litter was conceived and why!!"

Seven and a half years ago I fell in love with Fire, even as a 2 week old puppy I loved her! She was the first to crawl out of the box landed in a water dish and was out to see what else the world had in store for her. Her core temperament was so solid, she captured my heart. Making the decision to let her go to Helen was easy and hard all at the same time as Helen is an outstanding first class home for any dog. When I got to meet Helen and Fire again in the spring of 2005, Helen and I talked about how much we loved her even stable temperament, she had great work ethic, and social nature. She in a word had everything we had ever hoped for in a wonderful obedience and performance companion as well as a wonderful dog to live with. Helen made the comment of, let me know when you get another one like her! I sighed, I didn't know how! I thought Fire was special, even 5 years later she was everything I thought she would be when she was a puppy, and everything I hoped for in the match between Duc and Tessa. Helen and I talked and decided that perhaps if we found the right sire? We would do one breeding with Fire. After all, Fire is a house companion, a beloved member of her family as well as a wonderful obedience dog. Helen had always admired Gus and Cain full brothers to Titus; she had seen them over the years and was very happy with their moderate balanced structure, but even more their HAPPY confident outgoing temperaments. I told Helen that Titus was the same way, and that while we could look at other stud dogs and how they produced we would have a chance to watch 2 litters out of Titus before we planned to do Fire's litter. We had considered a few other dogs; after all, choosing another sire would help broadened my breeding program. But we also knew this was a one time deal we wanted the best chance of getting the puppies we expected and the puppies we wanted out of Fire. Fire would be 7.5 yrs old at the time of the breeding and we wanted the best that we could to get puppies we were very happy with not only looks but most importantly temperament. After the Wild puppies were born and started to grow up, I felt even more confident that Titus was the right choice for Fire. Promise and Fire are half sisters both sired by Duc, they both posses his solid confident core temperament. Titus has his own page that will tell you more about why I love this silly "show" dog, don't tell anyone but after his retirement from the show ring this past spring, he started training in Schutzhund and recently passed his BH.

Mid August 2007
They say timing is everything, well sometimes things work out where the timing is not perfect. Fire came into season when the Sun pups were about almost 2 weeks old. We talked about our options and weighing the fact that this would be Fire's first litter and that if we waited another season she would be 8 yrs old for her first litter? We decided it was best for Fire's health to go forward with the breeding before she was any older. It was pretty much a now or never issue. We decided to go ahead and make things work.

September 11
Well all hell broke loose at my house; the Sun pups that are 5.5 weeks old have broken with Parvo. This is a huge blow and there is so many levels of concern. While Fire had not been in the puppy area, she has visited with the pups through the fence. I will not be able to confirm she has puppies on the way for 5 more days. Fire and Tessa because of her age are now segregated from the rest of my dogs are using the front yard where the Sun pups had never been.

Sept 15th
Well ultrasound confirms it, the Dream pups are on the way! And in about 24 hours those little pups will have placentas. The reason this is important is that if Fire was exposed to Parvo the puppies were not. We pulled blood and ran a Parvo Titer on Fire. Our hope is that she has a very high titer, it is the best protection for her puppies. I have about 6 weeks until her pups will be born.
Here is the pups first picture, the picture from the ultrasound.

October 20th
Well it is 2 days before Fire is due, but she seems to have had a temperature drop down to 98.4; we expect puppies in 24 or so hours.

October 21st
Well no puppies so I took her temp gain and it was 97.9 and by Noon it was 97.4. This is the lowest I have ever charted a drop! All seems too be holding steady.

October 22nd
Things NOW seem to be moving! First pup came around 10:30am and Fire was done whelping by 1:30pm; 4 boys and 3 girls and all is well.

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