Have you seen this dog??
She is a Belgian Malinois



Please take a close look at these pictures, her name is Elly,

she was born August 16th 1997 and lived in Michigan.



Elly was lost near Kalhaven Trail near Kalamazoo Mich. on November 8th 1998.


She is a small female, about 35# and 21-21.5" tall.

As you can see in the pictures everyone loved her, even the cat and the horse!


Elly is very much missed by her owners,

they want her back with their family so very, very much.


Please help -- have you seen this dog???

Elly has now been lost for almost 8 years - she would have turned 9 yrs old Aug 16th. It is likley like her sister she has a lot of grey on her face.
It is very possible that Elly is no where to be found.
However, when your dog is lost and never seen again it is hard to NOT keep an eye out for her - there is no closure.


If you think you have seen Elly, click here to Contact Elly's owner

or email her breeder at carousel@web-ster.com

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A Plea from Elly's breeder.
The litter Elly came from was NOT microchipped or tattooed
Please, please, please, if you are reading this now,
and your dog is NOT tattooed or Microchipped
please see that your pet IS chipped or tattooed as soon as possible.

Accidents DO happen, even in the very, very best of homes.

Elly's sire and Dam are DNA profiled,
if you think you have seen Elly there is a way to prove "who" she is. At this point Helen and I would just love to know she is safe.

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